Without naming precise figures, Intersport Austria says it managed to increase its sales by 9 percent in the first half of the fiscal year 2008-09 from Sept. 1 through April 12. This figure is for the Austrian market alone,, where the group’s market share is expected to be at 36.7 percent, including Intersport Eybl, which is no longer a member of the group, but its licensee. Thanks to a good winter, the Austrians also reached a respectable increase in the other three markets that they cover: Sales increased in the Czech Republic by 10 percent and in difficult Hungary by 35 percent. Some of the increases came, however, not from organic growth, but from new shop openings. In Slovakia, the group grew by 74 percent, partially through new stores, including a big one in the capital, Bratislava. Intersport Austria’s members intend to open 25 new doors in Austria alone by the end of the current fiscal year ending Aug. 31. The group managed to increase its sales thanks to snow wear, helmets and accessories, although the core products such as skis (-7 percent) and snowboards (-8 percent) were still down.