At OrthoLite, we are a global company serving 500+ footwear brand partners with local roots and production facilities, and local leadership and workforce in six different countries.

In Europe, we have a new 3,000-square-meter production facility in Almansa, Spain, which provides localized production, greater capacity and specialization for the European-based brands. The location of our Spain facility is deliberate and part of our vertical integration model. This allows OrthoLite to maintain quality and consistency across our supply chain and production, which in turn amplifies our agility and reliability for our brand partners and T1 factories. From Spain, we can deliver to any point in Europe within two to four days.

The Spain facility serves all categories of footwear “Made in the EU production” supporting fashion, comfort casual, work, outdoor, athletic, and luxury footwear brands with premium insoles as well as leather and other technical insole products, including:

· Heel cups, wedges, and both molded and die cut insoles

· Artisan leather insoles for premium fashion and luxe brands

· OrthoLite ESD Shield®, the world’s first and only mechanically-bonded electrostatic discharge protection insole technology, and

· OrthoLite O-Therm™, the first and only aerogel-infused, open-cell PU foam cold block solution that can be applied not only as an insole but also a strobel layer or lining.

Being ‘local for local’ provides several incredibly valuable business advantages to our European brand partners. We are able to partner in the development process to support innovation, speed to market, reduce transportation costs and delays. We are also able to work closely with local factories, helping to better manage resources and production capacity.

At OrthoLite, our mission has always been to create more comfortable footwear for our brand partners while maintaining a more sustainable mindset across process and product. With vertically-owned, local operations located everywhere shoes are made, OrthoLite ensures the highest level of customer service, quality, consistency, and on-time delivery.