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    +++ The Rugby League World Cup 2021 will host the first ever Physical Disability Rugby League World Cup as an exhibition event during the main tournament, starting on Nov. 1st, 2021 +++ According to an exclusive report by, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has warned sports federations ...

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    EU estimates that Amazon broke competition rules


    The European Commission believes that Amazon violated competition rules by unfairly benefiting from non-public data on independent sellers who use its marketplace, it said in its preliminary findings from an antitrust investigation it has been conducting against the American e-commerce giant since last year. The European Union’s executive body ...

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    Anna Ferrino will run Assosport


    Anna Ferrino , the 58-year-old president of the eponymous Italian brand of outdoor products, has been elected as the new president of Assosport , the Italian sporting goods industry association. After four years on its executive board, she is taking the place of Federico De Ponti for the next ...

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    Afydad to launch a virtual showroom


    Afydad , the Spanish sporting goods industry association, is launching a digital marketing campaign as well as a digital platform for its members with B2B and B2C options. Each brand will have its own B2B space in a 360-degree virtual showroom, itself branded under the name “ Spain Is Sports ...

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    Crocs implements AI solution to block unauthorized web ads


    Crocs has partnered with Namogoo Technologies on the implementation of a solution that automatically prevents unauthorized and distracting ads from appearing on the Crocs e-commerce site. The Namogoo Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and block these ads, which are designed to look ...

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    +++ Sport England has launched the Return to Play Fund , a new fund which is meant to support clubs, groups and organisations that have been impacted by the restrictions imposed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus disease +++ The national football associations of Belgium, Germany and the ...

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    New Amazon probe by the German Cartel Office


    The German Cartel Office has reportedly opened yet another investigation into the practices of Amazon , this time looking into complaints that the giant e-tailer has entered into exclusive agreements with certain suppliers that prevent other retailers from selling certain branded products. As an example of this behavior, the ...

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    WTO report examines IP in light of Covid


    The Covid-19 pandemic has led national and regional intellectual property (IP) offices to expedite certain procedures relating to the use of patented devices and copyrighted materials. The Secretariat of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has published a paper sketching the background of its fundamental IP deal – the ...

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    Union Sport & Cycle announces new board members


    The French Union Sport Cycle has announced Pascale Gozzi of Sport 2000 and Julien Gauthier of Skiset as new vice-presidents of the organization following its recent general assembly on Oct. 13. They succeed Christophe Mostaert and Paul Andrieux , but both ...

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    Calls for online marketplaces to proactively prevent the sale of fakes


    The European Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (Fesi) is urging the operators of internet platforms to undertake “due diligence obligations for preventive and proactive measures” to fight against the sale of illegal products online, while expressing strong support for the efforts being made by the European Commission to ...

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    Google could make new concessions to get Fitbit's takeover approved


    According to Reuters , the deadline for the approval by European anti-trust authorities of Google ’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit has been extended from Dec. 23 to Jan. 8 after Google expressed some readiness to change the concessions it would be willing to make. This came after receiving ...

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    Icon sues Peloton


    After a steady climb over the last six months, Peloton Interactive ’s share price took a small hit on the stock exchange after the news yesterday that Icon Health Fitness had filed a patent infringement suit against it in A federal court in Delaware. At $37.77 billion, ...

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    EU agrees on common rules for pandemic-related travel restrictions


    The European Council has adopted a recommendation on a coordinated approach to travel restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The council comprises the heads of state or government of the countries forming the European Union, as well as the president of the council and of the European ...

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    Global talks on a digital tax prolonged to 2021


    The 137 countries involved in talks on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) due to the digitalization of the economy have agreed to keep working toward an agreement on the taxation of digital companies by mid-2021, thus acknowledging that they will fail to strike a deal by the end of ...

  • News briefs is barred from selling clothing


    A New York federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the Goat Group in response to a complaint by Goat Fashion , a London-based label of women’s and children’s clothing founded in 2001, asking it to stop selling apparel on its sneaker-focused marketplace. The court agreed that consumer ...

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    Google ready for new concessions to take over Fitbit


    Google has agreed to allow other makers of wearables to easily connect to its Android platform and its application programming interface (API) as a new condition for the European Commission’s anti-trust body’s endorsement of its planned $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit , according to Reuters . According to ...

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    Call for a Covid-19 sports recovery fund in the U.K.


    The Outdoor Industries Association ( OIA ) reports that leaders of more than a hundred sports and exercise institutions in the U.K. have sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to reserve funds for the rehabilitation of the sports and physical activity sector - or ...

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    Record golf memberships in the U.K.


    The number of commercial golf courses and driving ranges affiliated with the UK Golf Federation (UKGF) has reached 936, after breaking the threshold of 900 this summer. The federation offers its members 13 “business support services” free of charge as well as a reservation service for venues and courses ...

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    Stefan Herzog becomes president at VDS


    Stefan Herzog , who has been secretary general of the German sporting goods retailers’ federation ( VDS ) since 2018 and president since last spring of Fedas , the European umbrella organization of the specialist sports retail trade, has moved to the top of the German association. He was appointed ...

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    Fesi co-signs joint-letters on the Digital Services Act


    On Sept. 22, the European Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry ( Fesi ) signed two joint letters with key industry associations and brands in view of the future publication by the European Union of its planned Digital Services Act. The proposal, expected to be approved by the end of ...