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    Analysis: Sporting Goods Industry Scorecard Q1 2022


    Find out about the top industry performers. With our first quarter 2022 Sporting Goods Industry Scorecard, we provide an overview by sales and profit.

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    Italy’s sporting goods industry association says winter season has shown positive signs


    Assosport, the Italian sporting goods industry association, has described the past 2021/22 season as a positive one for winter sports after the dark period of the pandemic. Covid-19 forced to cancel virtually all activities from March 2020 until the end of 2021, with severe repercussions on the broader sector. Most ...

  • BrandFinance Apparel50

    Nike remains the world’s most valuable apparel brand


    Nike tops the Brand Finance Apparel 50 ranking for the eighth time, making it the most valuable brand since the creation of the list.

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    Inflationary pressures are mounting across the board


    Sports brands have already started to charge slightly higher prices on selected products, privileging limited editions and premium or novel product releases. The price increases have been a logical response to a situation where the available demand is outstripping the demand, especially because of high Covid vaccination rates, coupled with ...

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    Snowy winter supports sporting goods sales in Russia


    In some Russian regions, consumer activity in the sporting goods market has nearly doubled thanks to snowy winter conditions during the current winter season. It has been particularly strong over the online channel. Ilya Titarenko, director of the distribution department of Sportmaster, the country’s leading sporting goods retailer, confirmed that ...

  • McKinsey - sporting goods 2022

    McKinsey sees continued growth and polarization in the industry


    The gap between the winners and the losers in the sports apparel and footwear sector has increased and will continue to increase, according to McKinsey & Company, based on a survey conducted for the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) which highlighted some key trends. The findings will ...

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    Analysis: The industry’s market cap rose by 9.5% in 2021


    This exclusive chart shows the development in the market capitalization of the top 88 stock-listed sporting goods companies between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021. This is exclusive data and analysis for Professional Members.

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    Consumer confidence dwindles in the U.K.


    GfK’s Consumer Confidence Index for the U.K. has fallen by one point so far in December, remaining negative at -15, in the midst of the spreading Omicron variant, which has led to more than 100,000 new daily cases of Covid contamination. The index had improved by three points to -14 ...

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    Nike’s website gets more visits than major fashion retailers


    Nike continued to outperform various fashion retailers this year in terms of visits to its website on a global basis, according to an annual study by Semrush that uses Google data. Monthly visits to its websites averaged 120 million so far this year, 3.3 percent below the level of 2020, ...

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    Analysis: The European Sports Retail Market


    This is an exclusive, yearly statistic only available for subscribers of SGI Europe. It includes revenue and market share development of the major sporting goods retailers in 15 European countries.

  • Sporting Goods Retailers Worldwide

    Analysis: The world’s major sports retailers


    This exclusive, yearly statistic shows the revenue development of the 50 largest sports retailers. 

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    Strong recovery in personal luxury may affect our sector


    The personal luxury market has been traditionally subject to bigger swings than the sporting goods market in their competition for the consumer’s spending, and its recovery this year may impact the recovery of the sporting goods market, especially in the overalapping areas of sneakers and athleisure, in our opinion. The ...

  • Hiking boots

    Outdoor outperformed the athletic and casual footwear market in 2020, but…


    It all depends on the brands that we include in three annual surveys that EDM Publications puts out every year for these three segments of the shoe market, some of which play in two different segments.

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    Norway’s sports market fell by 7% in Q3


    The period between July and September 2021 was the second-best third quarter for retailers operating in the wealthy Norwegian sporting goods market. It recorded a 7 percent decline to 3.7 billion Norwegian kroner (€374m-$423m) as compared to the third quarter of 2020, when the market grew at an exceptional rate ...

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    New NPD study shows a drop in China’s sports shoe market


    China’s online market for sports footwear declined by one percent to $8.9 billion during the second quarter of 2021, according to a new study by the NPD Group. The drop was due to the poor performance of international brands, which suffered from a consumer boycott launched in March because of ...

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    New Russian lockdown boosts the resale market


    A week-long lockdown ordered by the Russian government to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic forced Russian sporting goods retailers and others to shut most of their outlets, but it doesn’t seem to have affected the market to a major extent. As Russia has become the European country ...

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    The Swedish sports market grew by 6.5% in Q3


    The Swedish sporting goods market rose by 6.5 percent at the retail level during the third quarter as compared to the year-ago period, according to the new SportIndex launched by the Svensk Sportforum last year in combination with HUI Research. While sales at physical stores went up by 4.1 percent, ...

  • Frederic Basse

    A bullish European surf industry honors Frederic Basse


    Surfboards, wetsuits and other hardware items in the surf sector have recorded growth rates of between 20 and 40 percent during the current post-Covid year, according to the European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (EuroSIMA). Speaking at the annual EuroSIMA Surf Summit in Hossegor, on the French Basque coast, Jean-Louis Rodrigues, ...

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    Sport 2000 is market leader in Austria for the first time


    Presenting the results of a large nationwide study by the market research company Regio Plan. Holger Schwarting, CEO of Sport 2000 Austria, confirmed that his cooperative was able to secure market leadership in Austria for the first time in 2020 with a market share of 33.6 percent, followed by Intersport ...

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    NPD: The world market was flat or down 4% in 2020


    It’s all a matter of defining the scope of the sporting goods market. The NPD Group’s annual Global Sport Market Estimate shows that it remained flat at €429 billion in the 2020 pandemic year, after continued increases since 2009. The NPD study points out that it would have fallen by ...