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    A shorter retail lockdown will benefit the trade


    Fortunately for European sporting goods retailers, the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic appears so far to have been more manageable, leading some governments to relax a ban on sales of non-essential products in physical stores after only about one month of enforcement – a lot less than during the ...

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    Big swings in the European sports retailers’ market shares


    The overall consumption of sporting goods accelerated in Western Europe in 2019, posting increases of 4.0 percent in euros and 3.6 percent in local currencies, according to an annual study by SGI Europe . This can be compared with the increases of 2.7 percent and 1.6 percent, respetively, that we ...

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    Dior launches a ski line with Descente and other partners


    For the launch of its first men’s capsule ski collection, Dior is opening a pop-up shop in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, specifically at 109 Greene Street. Other pop-ups – in Osaka, Japan, for instance – will open during the month of November. The New York shop, ...

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    Stöckli wants to facilitate ski rentals in Switzerland


    Stöckli Swiss Sports will equip its retailer partners in Switzerland with a rental system software developed by an Austrian company, Axess . The Swiss producer claims that this will enable ski rental stores to provide faster service, especially in times of Covid-19, but also there after. As a first ...

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    Sports Direct to purchase four stores in Spain


    In a deal worth €34 million, Frasers Group ’s sports banner, Sports Direct , will be purchasing six Toys ‘R’ Us stores in Spain in a sale leaseback deal. They are located in the cities of Alcobendas (outside Madrid), Sant Boi (outside Barcelona), Granada, Valencia, Málaga and ...

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    The Nike United retail concept goes live


    Nike is introducing a new retail concept, called Nike United , at nine locations around the world, including one at East Kilbride in the U.K. The others are in the U.S., China and South Korea. Coming after the Nike House of Innovation, Nike Rise and Nike Live , ...

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    Decathlon opens its largest store in Germany


    The largest Decathlon store in Germany is opening in November in Weiterstadt, covering 8,000 square meters and employing 80 people. In addition to the classic sales area for more than 100 sports segments and 85 private labels, there will also be numerous test areas, a sports park and an ...

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    Alibaba enjoys record Singles Day, but its market cap drops


    This year’s Singles Day raked in a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of 498.2 billion yuan (€63.67bn-$75.19bn) for Alibaba up sharply from the RMB 268.4 billion reported a year ago. The rival Chinese e-tailer had sales of about ¥271.5 billion (€34.71bn-$40.99bn). Lasting 11 days this year, Alibaba’s Chinese sales ...

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    Sport 2000 Austria leads the charge in international buying


    The collaboration among the national Sport 2000 organizations has reached a new milestone with a decision to let Sport 2000 Austria coordinate purchases of snow sports products for the autumn/winter 2021/22 season on behalf of Sport 2000 retailers in Germany and seven other countries. If it works out ...

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    Decathlon launches self-checkout lanes in Russia


    Decathlon has introduced its first self-checkout lanes in Russia at its Altufyevo store in Moscow and plans to expand the use of the system to other locations. The company has already installed its “Scan Go” system, which allows customers to scan the items and to pay for ...

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    Sport 2000 International wants to refine the online and offline experience


    Sport 2000 International is actively pursuing the development of its e-commerce capabilities in order to engage consumers online at the local, national and international levels, in collaboration with its brand partners. The new international e-commerce platform , currently serving only the German market, was launched in March 2020 with ...

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    Growing Zalando launches Connected Retail in more countries


    In releasing excellent results for the third quarter, Zalando announced the introduction of its Connected Retail program in Denmark, Finland and Norway on Nov. 1. As it did for a few months after its launch in Germany and the Netherlands, it is waiving all commissions for all partners using the ...

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    Decathlon partners with Conad supermarkets in Italy


    Decathlon is opening a shop-in-shop at a Conad supermarket in Rivoli, an Italian town near Turin. The 310-square-meter space will sell a selection of Decathlon products with a focus on fitness, running, swimming, trekking, sports nutrition, sports bags and protective sports equipment. Customers will pay for these ...

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    +++ Hervis has reopened an 800-square-meter store in Bad Ischl near Salzburg based on a new shop fitting concept and design, with a focus on outdoor and winter sports +++ Blue Tomato has opened a new Dutch store in The Hague +++ +++ As planned, Goldwin has opened ...

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    Bad timing for the new lockdowns in Europe


    More and more European governments are following the example of the Republic of Ireland, which ordered a six-week lockdown on the sale of non-essential goods at physical stores on Oct. 21 to help stem the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which now has its epicenter in Europe, as in ...

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    China dominates e-commerce


    Citing figures from Activate Consulting , Diffusion Sport reports that four Chinese e-tailers now account for 42 percent of the world’s e-commerce, more than tripling Amazon ’s share. With its 13 percent share, Amazon is not, in fact, the top player in the sector. That distinction goes to Alibaba ...

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    Frasers opens its first multi-brand store


    Britain’s Frasers Group , formerly Sports Direct International , opened its first multi-brand store on Oct. 31. The initiative stems from Frasers’ “elevation programme,” under the leadership of Michael Murray . The 51,000-square-foot premises are located at the Cascades Shopping Centre in the British city of Portsmouth and feature products ...

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    XXL stays on recovery path


    After many difficult quarters, XXL ASA bounced back in the second quarter, and the leading Nordic sports retailer confirmed this recovery continues in the third quarter. To turn the business around, the Norwegian company has been taking drastic steps such as cutting costs and clearing inventory. It posted double-digit ...

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    SportScheck launches pop-up space and retail media with EA7


    SportScheck, the German multi-channel sports retailer recently acquired by Signa Retail , has opened a pop-up area in its flagship store in Munich with the sports division of Emporio Armani , EA7 , as part of its retail media activities. The current autumn/winter collection will be presented for ...

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    Forward wants to open more stores in Russia


    Forward , a major Russian supplier of sports apparel, is planning to open new brick-and-mortar stores in its domestic market, focusing on cities with a population of more than one million people, as its offline sales have been recovering during the past few months, going back to pre-lockdown levels. Currently, ...