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    More Spaniards are exercizing than before


    According to a new survey conducted by Spain’s Superior Sports Council (CSD) , the number of Spaniards participating in some kind of sport at least once per year rose by 6.1 percentage points – from 53.5 to 59.6 percent – between 2015 and 2020. Last year, six out of ten ...

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    Omnichannel purchasing has become the norm in Spain


    According to the “Estudio E-Commerce 2021,” a study put out by IAB Spain and Elogia , the distinction between e-tail and physical retail has blurred this year in Spain to the point of indifference for 58 percent of the country’s consumers. This is an increase of six percentage points ...

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    German e-commerce grows strongly, marketplaces on the rise


    Figures published for the second quarter of 2021 by the German e-commerce and mail order trade association, BEVH , show an unbroken overall trend toward e-commerce and the use of online marketplaces for all types of goods in Germany, even though restrictions on brick-and-mortar retailing have been eased. After a ...

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    Sporting goods stocks jumped by 26.65% in Q2


    The average share price of the sporting goods sector grew by 26.65 percent between March 31 and June 30, accelerating from the 10.9 percent growth recorded in the first three months of this year. As usual, the public companies in this sector scored much better than all the major stock ...

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    The Swedish sports market recovers after a 2.9% drop in 2020


    The Swedish sporting goods market fell by 2.9 percent in terms of offline and online retail sales in 2020, but it made a strong recovery in the first quarter of 2021 with a growth of 15.0 percent, according to the Sportindex , a new quarterly report compiled by the Swedish ...

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    Sport is not among Spain’s top e-tail categories


    Sport does not figure among the chief product categories in Spanish e-commerce. So says the latest edition of an annual study put out by Elogia , a Spanish digital marketing agency, and IAB Spain , which claims to be the world’s largest association of communications, advertising and digital-marketing agencies. Some ...

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    Euratex calls for new measures as apparel demand sinks by 18%


    Figures from the Spring 2021 Report by Euratex ( European Apparel and Textile Confederation ) show a dramatic contraction in the demand and production of textiles and clothing. The EU’s turnover in textile fibers and fabrics declined by 9.3 percent in 2020 as compared to 2019. For clothing, ...

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    Sports retailers’ closures up by 84% year-on-year in Spain


    Like in other countries, the pandemic has accelerated a reduction in the number of sporting goods stores in Spain, adding to factors such as the growing weight of e-commerce, the more selective distribution policies of the major sports brands and the general modernization of the trade. Some 372 sporting goods ...

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    Report ranks Lululemon and Adidas highest for avoidance of forced labor


    Of the 37 companies examined by KnowTheChain , the ten footwear or apparel companies that are most conscientious in terms of supply-chain labor policy, scored on a scale of zero to 100, are: Lululemon (89), Adidas (86), PVH (74), Gap (70), Primark (69), Nike ...

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    Foreign sports retailers dominate on Facebook in Spain


    CMDsport has published a report on the social-media presence of the top purveyors of sporting goods and sportswear in Spain. The top platform is Facebook , followed by Instagram and Twitter , and on Facebook the top chain, by a large margin, is JD Sports , with 3.47 ...

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    The German fitness industry suffers a 24% decline in turnover


    After more than 30 years of ongoing growth, the German fitness industry registered a 24.5 percent decline in turnover to €4.16 billion in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic heavily impacted gyms. The figures come from a report titled Eckdaten der deutschen Fitness-Wirtschaft 2021 [Tr.: Key data from the German ...

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    Sports sales boom in Norway continues over the internet


    The Norwegian sporting goods market, which grew by 7 percent last year across the major retail chains , continues to be very buoyant, especially over the internet, as noted by Sportsbransjen , the country’s sporting goods industry association. According to Klarna , the Swedish fintech company, online sales of sports ...

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    The Danish sports market drops by 9.1%


    In contrast with the previously reported consumption trends in Norway, the sporting goods market did not go well in Denmark last year, like in the major Western European countries. Dealers of sporting goods and camping equipment saw their sales contract by 9.1 percent, according to Statistics Denmark. Shoe and apparel ...

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    Pickleball is spreading to Europe


    The diversification of the racquet sports market is continuing on an international scale, with the game of pickleball now being rated as one of the fastest-growing sports. While tennis participation is stabilizing or dwindling in many countries, less elitist and competitive games like padel tennis and pickleball, which originated in ...

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    Boom in pandemic running in N. Ireland and U.K., survey says


    Macmillan Cancer Support , a London-based charity, estimates that eight percent of Northern Ireland’s population, or some 116,000 people, have taken up running to preserve their health since the Covid pandemic lockdowns began last March. About seven percent have taken up meditation or yoga. The youth in the U.K. has ...

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    The Norwegian market grew by over 7% in 2020


    Norway has the highest per capita consumption for sporting goods in Europe, and it grew strongly last year – in spite or because of the coronavirus epidemic – in contrast with an overall sales decline estimated at around 10 percent in the five major European countries. One main reason was ...

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    Soft anti-Covid restrictions boost sales of winter sports items in Russia


    After a slump in sales at the beginning of the current autumn/winter season, sales of products for winter sports in Russia have proven to be strong in January and February thanks to abundant snow and weak quarantine restrictions, allowing all ski facilities to continue to operate in contrast with ...

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    Women’s sneakers are booming on StockX


    StockX has released a report on the resale market’s evolution since the company’s founding, in February 2016. Men’s sneakers continue to dominate resales, but the resale of women’s sneakers has been growing at a faster rate, having multiplied by a factor of 1,500 since the start. StockX says it ...

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    Golf is thriving in the U.K. despite Covid restrictions


    Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS) reports that somehow in the age of Covid-19 and despite the course closures in November, rounds of golf played in the U.K. during the fourth quarter of 2020 were up year-on-year by 41 percent. They were already up in the third quarter by 59 percent. ...

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    DBK: Sporting goods consumption fell by 18.3% in Spain last year


    According to a report from the Observatorio Sectorial DBK – part of the “smart data company” Informa , a subsidiary of CESCE – the pandemic’s boost to home fitness has limited by 18.3 percent last year’s drop in sporting goods retail sales in Spain. The drop, which was ...