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    Are helmets about to be normal gear for every surfer?


    Surfing has traditionally shunned helmets, but rising concerns about head trauma are changing attitudes in the sport. At this year’s Lexus Pipe Pro, an increasing number of Championship Tour surfers wore helmets, recognizing the risks posed by dense crowds and dangerous breaks over shallow reefs. While helmets remain optional at ...

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    Retail resilience: physical stores prove crucial for driving growth in digital era


    The retail landscape, deeply transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic, is demonstrating resilience and a symbiotic relationship between physical stores and online sales. Despite the surge in digital shopping during the pandemic’s peak, recent data indicates that brick-and-mortar stores remain essential for driving growth in the retail sector. According to an ...

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    Analysis: China’s booming athleisure market


    China’s athleisure market is booming. By 2024, its set to surge to $82.2 billion, according to insights from Retail in Asia.

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    A look at racquet sports in the US


    RacquetX and marketing agency LaneTerralever (LT) published a report titled Who’s on the Court: A Profile of Today’s Racquet Sports Player, available online, to lay out the results of a survey they conducted in February of this year. The sample was 506 people in the US who have played “at ...

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    Swedish sporting goods sales decline 5.2% in Q1 2024


    Sporting goods sales in Sweden declined by 5.2 percent during the period from January to March compared to the same period last year, according to Sportindex from the industry organization Svenskt Sportforum. All months showed a decrease in growth. In January, sales decreased by 6.1 percent, by 6.5 percent in ...

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    Nike addresses backlash over England kit for Euro 2024


    Nike has responded to the widespread criticism surrounding its controversial England kit design for the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament. The kit modification notably alters England’s traditional St. George’s flag, replacing the customary red and white hues with a combination of red, purple, black, and a purple cross. British Prime Minister ...

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    International Women’s Day: Sport is making progress and still has a long way to go


    Women have gained more visibility and relevance in sports, but what impact does this have?

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    Women’s sports lead online search 2023


    Which women’s sports have soared in search? What athletes have captivated the digital world? Discover the worldwide popularity of women’s sports in online searches in 2024.