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    The global sports retail chains grew by 5% in 2018


    The largest integrated sporting goods retailers in the world grew overall by 5 percent in local currencies on an average weighted basis in 2018, with big differences from one region to the other, according to an annual study by Sporting Goods Intelligence. In terms of dollars, the 57 retail companies ...

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    The European sports market remains flattish


    As in 2017, the Western European sporting goods market was almost flat overall in 2018, going up in some countries and declining in others, with some retailers outperforming it, according to an annual exclusive study of 15 markets by SGI Europe. In terms of currencies, the market rose by 2.7 ...

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    Analysis: Sports apparel market 2018


    Mirroring trends in the athletic footwear market, which grew at a similar rate last year (see our previous issue), global sales of apparel by sporting goods companies to the trade moved up by 9.0 percent in dollar terms in 2018 to an estimated $89.7 billion, according to an annual survey ...

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    Asia-Pacific overtakes Europe in a buoyant sports footwear market


    Driven by a booming Chinese market and by the growing lifestyle sneaker trend, the branded athletic footwear market grew by 8.9 percent to a new record of $66.7 billion in terms of invoiced sales in dollars in 2018, according to an annual survey by Sporting Goods Intelligence. Retailers did not ...

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    Analysis: The sports equipment market 2018


    After posting modest improvements of 1.4 percent in 2016 and 0.2 percent in 2017, the global branded sports equipment market booked a stronger 3.0 percent increase in dollars in 2018 at the wholesale level, building up to a total of $80.0 billion, according to a survey of the major vendors ...

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    The Sporting Goods Market in China


    This report of more than 330 pages is now available for download if you are a premium member. Published 2016 in partnership with ISPO and the EMLyon business school, it covers mainly five sports categories in the Chinese market: Fitness, Running, Team sports, Snow sports + Outdoor. ...

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    Market capitalization of global sporting goods industry sector increased by 10.1 percent in 2018


    The stock market capitalization of the global sporting goods industry sector increased by 10.1 percent in terms of local currencies in 2018, in contrast with major declines in stock indexes worldwide, especially toward the end of the year.