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    Vietnamese manufacturers react to the spreading virus


    More than 1,000 companies operating in various sectors in the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) region have managed to keep most of their workers on site, accommodating them in their factories or transporting them from hotels and other lodgings, to help avoid a shutdown of their operations due to the ...

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    Early end to industry lockdown in Bangladesh, new concerns over floods and China


    We have started to hear reports of “panic buying” by various apparel companies that are sourcing finished products and materials such as elastane from Chinese suppliers as the new delta variant of the Covid-19 epidemic has started to cause some localized factory shutdowns in Beijing and at least four other ...

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    Shenzhou and Eagle Nice slow output in Vietnam


    Pou Chen and Kingmaker Footwear are shutting down their shoe factories in Vietnam, as previously reported , and we now hear about the shutdown of at least another local shoe producer, Chang Shin Vietnam Co. Meanwhile a couple of important producers of sports apparel are doing the ...

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    Tokyo bans Olympic spectators amid Covid-19 emergency


    The Japanese Olympics Minister, Tamayo Marukawa , has announced that the Tokyo-area venues for the upcoming Summer Olympics , both indoor and outdoor, will not admit spectators. As for the presence of spectators in other areas, the organizers will consider “concrete measures” with each local governor involved, Marukawa said. The ...

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    Spain alone providing post-pandemic relief to the sport sector?


    Spain is the only country in the EU that has so far included the sport sector in its subsidies for the recovery from Covid-19, according to the chairman of the country’s Upper Council on Sport ( CSD ), José Manuel Franco . The claim could not be verified at ...

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    Chinese port congestion won't be cleared until the end of June


    A backlog at Yantian, China’s largest container terminal, will take several weeks to clear, according to Maersk . The world’s largest shipping company told the news agency AFP that it had been informed by the port’s authorities that activity will return to normal by the end of June. The ...

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    FESI report indicates a recovery in the sports goods sector


    A new survey conduct in April by the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) indicates that most sporting goods companies are now “on their way to recovery;” despite the difficulties they have been going through over the last 12 months. The picture is, however, quite diversified. The ...

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    German retailers seize the Constitutional Court over the lockdowns


    A group of ten German retailers including Intersport, Engelhorn and Rose Bikes have sued the German federal government in the country’s Constitution Court over its strict anti-Covid lockdown regulations. The current measures prevent the opening of so-called “non-essential” retail stores, including sporting goods retail shops, in areas where more ...

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    Wildberries: Extended work holiday boosts the market in Russia


    Sales of sporting goods on Wildberries ’ website jumped by 111 percent as compared to the year-ago period after Russia President Vladimir Putin backed a proposal by the head of Russia’s health watchdog to introduce a 10-day no-work holiday from May 1 to 11 to help prevent a surge ...

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    Markus Hefter will join Polygiene


    Source: Polygiene Markus Hefter Markus Hefter , who left the ISPO Group after 18 years earlier this month, will join the Swedish ingredient brand Polygiene as commercial director for EMEA in September. The 51-year-old German manager has been most recently in charge of ...

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    Nepal in humanitarian crisis, donations needed


    Source: Sherpa Adventure Gear Sherpa Adventure Gear ’s teams in the U.K. and Germany are receiving dramatic reports from the brand’s home country, Nepal. Medical care in the country is already at a very modest level under “normal” circumstances, but now it is catastrophic, according to ...

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    Nike sees HQ staff working at the office three days a week


    Nike ’s vice president of workplace design and connectivity, Jeff Nichols , has sent out in an email to affected employees, laying out a new in-office work policy for the company’s global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike is to begin raising capacity, services and amenities there as of next month, ...

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    Stores remain closed in Germany, will reopen in France


    Sporting goods stores and other so-called “non-essential” physical retail operations are re-opening in all the major European countries except in Germany. They are set to open again in France on May 19. They have been rising sharply in England and Wales since they were allowed to open again on April ...

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    BSI tells the German government that sport can help defeat Covid


    The German Sporting Goods Industry Association ( BSI ) has called on the German federal government in an open letter to recognize the relevance of sport as an “effective corona (virus) prevention” and to use “sport as part of the solution for coping with pandemics.” Sport is important for ...

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    German golf grows during the pandemic


    The number of licensed golfers in Germany rose by 1.36 percent to 651,417 in 2020, the highest increase in a year since 2012, according to a new report by a golf economy expert, Falk Billion , titled Golfmarkt Deutschland 2021 . The report, which can be downloaded free of charge, ...

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    German retail lockdown measures set through June 30


    German legislation that imposes new limits on the opening of schools and non-essential retail stores, including sports shops, passed the Senate on Thursday, April 22. Already approved by the lower house of the German Parliament, the bill became law on Friday after being signed by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier . ...

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    German retailers get cheap Covid tests from the GMS buying group


    Since April 20, German employers are obliged to offer regular Covid-19 tests to staff members who are not working remotely from their homes. To enable its affiliated shoe and sports retailers to meet this obligation, the German-based GMS buying group is supplying its members with inexpensive rapid tests. To ...

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    German Parliament sets limits for Click & Meet and Click & Collect


    The lower chamber of the German Parliament has decided to raise the minimum permissible level for the non-essential retailers’ Click Meet services (visiting the stores by appointment only) for areas of the country where 150 out of 100,000 residents are found to be contaminated by Covid-19. If the ...

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    FESI launches new Covid-19 survey


    FESI has launched a third survey to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sporting goods industry. It is open to any sporting goods company operating in Europe, with a tentative deadline of April 28 for the replies. A specific section is devoted to winter sports. ...

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    Selfridges re-opens with a buzz, Bavaria enforces lockdown


    While Bavarian shoe stores were forced to close down again as of April 12, all types of non-essential retailers, including shoe and sporting goods stores, were allowed to re-open in England and Wales, and some of them have come up with clever ideas to lure back customers who could only ...