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    BSI tells the German government that sport can help defeat Covid


    The German Sporting Goods Industry Association ( BSI ) has called on the German federal government in an open letter to recognize the relevance of sport as an “effective corona (virus) prevention” and to use “sport as part of the solution for coping with pandemics.” Sport is important for ...

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    German golf grows during the pandemic


    The number of licensed golfers in Germany rose by 1.36 percent to 651,417 in 2020, the highest increase in a year since 2012, according to a new report by a golf economy expert, Falk Billion , titled Golfmarkt Deutschland 2021 . The report, which can be downloaded free of charge, ...

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    German retail lockdown measures set through June 30


    German legislation that imposes new limits on the opening of schools and non-essential retail stores, including sports shops, passed the Senate on Thursday, April 22. Already approved by the lower house of the German Parliament, the bill became law on Friday after being signed by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier . ...

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    German retailers get cheap Covid tests from the GMS buying group


    Since April 20, German employers are obliged to offer regular Covid-19 tests to staff members who are not working remotely from their homes. To enable its affiliated shoe and sports retailers to meet this obligation, the German-based GMS buying group is supplying its members with inexpensive rapid tests. To ...

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    German Parliament sets limits for Click & Meet and Click & Collect


    The lower chamber of the German Parliament has decided to raise the minimum permissible level for the non-essential retailers’ Click Meet services (visiting the stores by appointment only) for areas of the country where 150 out of 100,000 residents are found to be contaminated by Covid-19. If the ...

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    FESI launches new Covid-19 survey


    FESI has launched a third survey to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sporting goods industry. It is open to any sporting goods company operating in Europe, with a tentative deadline of April 28 for the replies. A specific section is devoted to winter sports. ...

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    Selfridges re-opens with a buzz, Bavaria enforces lockdown


    While Bavarian shoe stores were forced to close down again as of April 12, all types of non-essential retailers, including shoe and sporting goods stores, were allowed to re-open in England and Wales, and some of them have come up with clever ideas to lure back customers who could only ...

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    Exercise boosts Covid survival, study finds


    According to a study conducted by cardiologists at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in the Spanish capital of Madrid, patients who exercise regularly are eight times more likely to survive Covid-19 than sedentary patients. Published in the American medical journal Infectious Diseases and Therapy , the study examined 520 ...

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    New line brings ViralOff to retail customers


    An Italian company called Colors has channeled Polygiene ’s ViralOff antimicrobial treatment into a line of products for retail customers. The Regenesis ViralOff Trigger Shield line of sprays and other products works on soft surfaces, hard surfaces and fabrics. It also meets the same ISO standards ...

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    The European Outdoor Summit will be integrated into OutDoor by ISPO


    The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has confirmed that this year’s European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will be combined with the Oct. 5-7 edition of the OutDoor by ISPO Global Summit trade show to create one major European outdoor industry event. This year’s EOS was originally going to be ...

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    Europe’s patchwork of Corona regulations for retailers


    Daily changes to local Corona safety regulations for retail stores make it difficult to stay on top of things as the pandemic situation heats up again in most European countries. Here is an overview (as of March 25, subject to change and with regional variations) of the status of so-called ...

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    Li Ning grows further, adjusting to the pandemic


    Rising interest in exercise and fitness in China after lockdowns were lifted contributed to improve Li Ning ’s revenues, which grew 4.2 percent to 14,456.9 million yuan renminbi (€1.86bn-$2.09bn) in 2020. Net income increased by 13.3 percent from the previous year to RMB 1,698.4 million (€218.6m-$246.1m). Excluding a one-time financial ...

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    French ski industry in critical state


    The French sporting goods industry association, Union Sport Cycle (USC), plans to ask the French government for a specific aid package for the country’s ski sector, whose total losses for the current season are estimated at about €1 billion - without including those of the skilift and ...

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    ​New Balance launches a new performance face mask


    New Balance has released a new reusable face mask, specifically intended for fitness and performance activities. The New Balance Active Face Mask features three layers of a breathable fabric that is a mix of polyester, polypropylene and spandex. Its design helps to keep the mask away from the ...

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    OutDoor by ISPO is postponed to Oct. 5-7


    The show’s website reveals that OutDoor by ISPO – most recently planned as a mixed digital and physical Global Summit to be held in Munich in July – has now been postponed to Oct. 5-7, 2021. According to The Outdoor Industry Compass , the postponement was coordinated ...

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    Golf courses and outdoor sports facilities are re-opening in the U.K.


    The Welsh government has announced that golf courses and outdoor sports facilities are allowed to reopen from March 13 following the latest easing of lockdown measures in Wales. Outdoor sports facilities – including outdoor gyms, tennis courts and basketball courts – will be allowed to welcome visitors back as of ...

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    Sporthaus Saemann in Germany closes down for good


    Hopes for a reorganization of the insolvent German retailer Sporthaus Saemann in Heilbronn have finally been dashed, leading to the closure of its large Intersport Profimarkt , three golf stores and an innovative Saemann Sportkultur store in the city center. In a statement, the insolvency administrator, Lutz Lohmann, ...

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    Tokyo 2020 will likely go ahead without foreign spectators


    The Japanese government has reportedly decided to prevent overseas spectators from attending the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics this summer over concerns for the spread of coronavirus and its variants. A formal decision on this matter will be made by the end of this month, and the number of ...

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    Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021 to be postponed to 2022


    World Rugby has recommended a postponement of the women’s Rugby World Cup 2021 until next year due to the uncertainty connected with the ongoing coronavirus crisis. In addition to health concerns, the major uncertainties are related to global travel restrictions and quarantine rules. The tournament was set ...

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    Germany extends lockdown - with easing options


    On March 3, the federal-state conference in Germany decided on how to further extend its present lockdown for non-essential retailer operations until March 28, to help fend off the Covid-19 virus. Like in the U.K., it will be phased out in stages, but retailers are furious, partly also because many ...