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    Ukraine seeks to involve other countries against Sportmaster


    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has instructed his government to try to urge the U.S., the European Union and other foreign allies to impose similar economic sanctions as those that it has recently imposed on 27 persons and companies including Sportmaster Operations , the parent company of the Russian ...

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    Ukraine imposes sanctions on Sportmaster


    Sportmaster-Ukraine has been included in a list of sanctions imposed on Feb. 19 by the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council through a presidential decree notified to Sportmaster Operations Pte . the company based in Singapore that controls Sportmaster’s operations outside Russia. The sanctions have been levied against Sportmaster ...

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    Russia’s Sportmaster launches a new PRO store format


    Sportmaster , the leading sporting goods retailer in Russia, has opened a large new store of 5,000 square meters based on its Sportmaster PRO format– a concept focused on attracting professional athletes – in the Metropolis shopping center in downtown Moscow. It is the 14th store operating under ...

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    Sportmaster exits China, while expanding west


    The leading Russian sporting goods retailer, Sportmaster , has completely stopped operating in China, says Ilya Titarenko , distribution director of the comany, in discussing with us the company’s expansion outside its core market in the former Soviet Union, including Uzbekistan most recently. Back in 2014 , Sportmaster ...

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    Ranking - The Largest Sporting Goods Retailers Worldwide


    This exclusive chart shows the revenue development of the major global sporting goods retailers in 2019 vs 2018. The chart and data can be downloaded. This is exclusive data and analysis for Premium Members.

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    Danish Sportmaster wins two prizes


    Sportmaster , the Danish sporting goods retailer recently acquired by the Russian-based Sportmaster Group , has won two awards in two contests conducted by PriceRunner , a website that normally advises customers on the best price bargains. The retailer came out as Denmark’s E-Dealer of the Year in the Sport ...

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    Analysis: The 10 major European sports retailers online


    The online retail business in the sporting goods sector has been growing stronger and stronger in recent years, and it has been accelerating during and after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. New business models and start-ups have disrupted classic sales channels. Players with strong roots in technology, data and innovation have been taking an increasing share of the market, profiting from deep consumer insights and trends. But brand awareness, people, careers and leadership are still playing a strong role in the success of any venture, as many of the examined companies stress on their B2B websites.

  • Screenshot_2020-10-08 Ranking - The largest e-commerce sports shops in Europe
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    Ranking - The largest e-commerce sports shops in Europe


    This exclusive chart shows the largest e-commerce sports shops in Europe ranked by website visitors. Included are sporting goods retailer and e-tailer. The chart and data can be downloaded. This is exclusive data and analysis for Premium Members.

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    Action in and around the Danish sports retail market


    Russia’s leading sporting goods retailer, the Sportmaster Group , had no immediate comment on a report in the Danish press that it intends to develop the Sportmaster banner all over Europe, after turning around the Danish retail operation by the same name, which it bought at the end ...

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    Russia’s Sportmaster wants to trade more online


    Russia’s biggest sporting goods retailer, Sportmaster , plans to boost the share of sales online to 30 percent, as compared to 12 percent before the coronavirus pandemic, said Dmitry Strakhov , Sportmaster’s sales and development director. To reach that goal, Sportmaster plans to design and launch a new online ...

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    Sportmaster managed to avoid staff cuts


    In contrast with earlier reports, Russia’s biggest sporting goods retailer managed to avoid the threatened elimination of nearly 2,000 jobs from its payroll because of the retail lockdown introduced in Russia to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Roughly 1,800 Sportmaster employees found temporary jobs with some major Russian ...

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    Sportmaster inks a partnership with an online store


    Russia’s biggest sporting goods retailer has signed a partnership agreement with the big Russian online fashion store of Lamoda , under which Sportmaster will soon begin selling sports and outdoor footwear and apparel through its marketplace. Sportmaster said it was planning to only offer goods under its private Demix ...