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    Yonex’ revenues drop by 8%, but Europe is up slightly


    Yonex ’ sales declined by 8 percent to ¥13.6 billion (€106.3m-$130.4m) for the third fiscal quarter ended Dec. 31. In North America, revenues dropped by 8 percent, despite higher tennis sales after Naomi Osaka won the U.S. Open using a Yonex racquet. In Japan, revenues fell by 7 ...

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    Yonex declines in Europe and the U.S.


    Yonex , the Japanese brand of racquet and golf products, saw its revenues decline by 19 percent to ¥13,893 million (€111.8m-$130.9m) in the second fiscal quarter ended Sept. 30. Europe fell by 57 percent to ¥234 million (€1.9m-$2.2m), as many sports facilities remained closed over the pandemic. Badminton sales declined ...

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    Yonex declines by 6%


    Yonex ’ revenues went down by 5.9 percent to 15,377 million yen (€128.8m-$143.4m) in the fourth quarter of its financial year, ended on March 31. In Japan, which accounted for 60 percent of the company’s total turnover, sales declined by 13 percent from the year-ago quarter. In North America, they ...