A Norwegian cross-country skiing star, Petter Northug, has launched his own brand, called Northug. The first products set to be launched in 2019 will be a line of sports glasses designed by an award-winning industrial designer, Bård Eker, and Eker Design. Eker is best known for the design of a brand of pleasure boats, Hydrolift, the luxury car called Koenigsegg and baby carriages for Stokke.

There will also be a line of Petter Northug ski gloves, due for release in 2019, for racing and recreational cross-country skiing, as well as for leisure. Northug has entered into an agreement with Primaloft for insulation that will be used in several styles the gloves. All products will come pre-priced, with an alarm and an RFID code. The glasses and the gloves are already part of the Norwegian Ski Federation's “Ski Pool,” meaning they are approved for use by the champion and others on the Norwegian National Cross-Country Ski Team.

The new brand initiative is being led by Jon Inge Gullikstad, who has been responsible for the creation of a number of other brands including Ulvang socks and Johaug, a brand of clothing and accessories named after Therese Johaug, a Norwegian Nordic ski champion.