Active Brands has reinforced its position as the “brand house” of the Norwegian sporting goods industry with its takeover of Sweet Protection, an award-winning company that has been developing helmets and other protective equipment as well as technical clothing for skiing, snowboarding and whitewater kayaking since 2000. It recently launched a mountain bike collection.

Sweet Protection raised its sales by 25 percent to 64 million Norwegian kroner (€7.75m-$10.70m) last year. Its sales outside Norway grew by 35 percent and represented 60 percent of the turnover, with a regained momentum in the European alpine region. The company's founders and its new owners see further opportunities for expansion, especially in North America.

The company was founded in a garage in Trysil by two passionate sportlers, St?le N. Møller and Atle Enberger, who currently serve as head of design and head of sales, respectively. They and other shareholders including the chief executive, Christine C. Akselsen, and a ski racer, Aksel Lund Svindal, will become shareholders in Active Brands, following a business model that the latter has used for other acquisitions.

Holta Invest holds 70 percent of the shares in Active Brands, which had a turnover of NOK 337 million (€40.8m-$56.3m) last year through its numerous properties - the Bjørn Daehlie brand, Kari Traa, ?snes and Vossatassar – and the distribution of Bula and Rode in Norway.