In the wake of Adidas' new row with Sports Direct over their right to sell Chelsea shirts (see issue vol. 24 n°40+41), widely publicized articles in Britain's Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph report that both Adidas and Nike have decided to stop working with retailers in the U.K who sell less than £25,000 (€29,986.5-$41,012.3) worth of their products in a year. The decision is said to be affecting around 200 small retailers.

Statements from Adidas' and Nike's spokespersons indicate that Adidas has decided to implement a more selective policy in the U.K., similar to the one that Nike has already in place in the U.K. and the rest of Europe since 2004. Noting that its regional units review their commercial policies periodically to ensure that they are solid, sustainable and efficient, Adidas says it did not take this decision lightly, but declined to confirm the details and to say whether similar measures have been adopted elsewhere.

Nike's spokesperson said that the Swoosh continues to work with wholesalers in certain parts of Italy and Spain to deal with small independents. We could not determine whether such a policy has been adopted by Adidas.