To speed up Reebok’s recovery and expansion in Europe, Adidas executives will take the brand’s management into their own hands. Roland Auschel, in charge of EMEA markets for the Adidas brand, took up the same position at Reebok at the beginning of this month. The general objective behind the move is to more tightly integrate the sales organizations of the Adidas and Reebok brands in the region.

The move was inspired by the structure of the group in the Asia-Pacific region, where the same set-up has yielded convincing results. It particularly helps to manage the distinct positioning of the two brands and make use of all market opportunities. However, it remains to be seen which effects the changes might have in each of the European markets, as the group may seek more synergies by merging subsidiaries and other structures.

Auschel will effectively become head of the EMEA region for the whole group. He will continue to report to Erich Stamminger, president of the Adidas brand, and for the Reebok part of his job he will report to Uli Becker, president of the Reebok brand. Nigel Griffiths, who became head of Reebok in EMEA less than two years ago, will remain in this position, reporting to both Auschel and Becker.