Ispo Munich will reach a high watermark of 200,000 square meters on Feb. 3-6, adding a further two halls – C5 and C6 – from last year's total of 16. The show is making plenty of room for meetings and networking.

For 2019, the themes are “Health, Physical Activity and Sport,” “Women in the Sports Business” and “Digitalization.” The first is a reaction to a growing number of studies, such as the one released by the World Health Organization (WHO) this September, that demonstrate the danger of sedentary life.

The second theme will be split into two topics, “women in leadership positions” and “women as a target group,” covering the management and consumer perspectives. Much of the discussion is set to take place in the new Women's Lounge, which is not, in fact, restricted to women. Ispo is encouraging men to stop by, participating in the exchange and the development of the concept.

Hall C6 will host Ispo Digitize, enhancing the trade fair platform launched at the previous show to cover such topics as wearable technologies, digital retail, digital procurement, digital marketing and even digital management. In addition to demonstrations and discussion of best practices, Hall C6 will feature the Wearables Technology Conference, which will lay out the results of recent research, and the Ispo Academy, whose presentations will preview the sports business of the future.

Ispo Textrends will be covering the latest in innovative materials in Halls C4 and C5.

A refurbished Hall B5 will contain all the ski brands as part of the overall Snowsports segment, which will occupy the Halls B1 to B6. Also in B5 will be Ispo Brandnew, with its sports start-ups and new developments. The Outdoor segment will extend from A1 to A4, while the Health-and-Fitness segment will move into Halls A5 and A6.

Of local interest are the second edition of the Ispo Munich Sports Week and the Ispo Munich Night Run. The Sports Week will give the sports retailers in Munich a chance to issue invitations to their events and draw customers. The Night Run, again in Olympiapark, is expected to attracts a dozen partners and about 530 runners.

Visitors may want to download the Ispo Munich app, which can filter information by event or exhibitor. The show's new ticket model will benefit sports retailers, who can now join with wholesalers and distributors in the same price segment to purchase tickets starting at a price of €19. Ticket prices for product managers, designers, accessories manufacturers, suppliers, event agencies and sports-facility operators start at €69.