Lotto’s aggregate turnover grew by 8 percent to €277 million in 2006, following a year of investments into the product research and development sector, sales development and acquisitions. The figure includes licensees sales of €71 million, out of which €8 million are related to stationary and other non-core products. Only 25 percent of the total turnover was generated on the domestic Italian market, indicating the company’s growing internationalization. Another 43 percent came from other European markets.

Sales grew by 7 percent in Italy, by 7 percent in France, by 9 percent in Germany, by 19 percent in the UK, by 4 percent in Belgium and by 61 percent in the Netherlands. They rose by 35 percent in Romania, by 21 percent in Croatia, by 16 percent in Ukraine and by 30 percent in Slovenia. In the Americas, which represented 11 percent of net turnover, sales growth was led by an 8 percent increase in Central and South America. Within the Asia/Pacific region, comprising 15 percent of Lotto’s aggregate revenues, sales in the Far East improved by 7 percent. Sales in Africa represented 6 percent of sales.

All product categories showed increased sales, with football, “five-a-side” football, tennis and running together registering a 5 percent growth in sales and comprising 55 percent of the company’s total. Lotto’s “leisure” products accounted for the rest of revenues, and had an increase of 11 percent in turnover.