Maria-Ra, one of the biggest grocery retailers in Siberia, said it plans to start selling skis and other ski equipment under its own brands in more than 1,000 stores later this year, after talking to several Russian ski manufacturers.

The products are likely to belong to the budget segment of the market, but in addition to private label items, Maria-Ra plans to start selling ski boots and children's skis by Fischer on the same shelves. Fischer is a major player in the Russian ski market.

The new developments are in line with a new diversification strategy adopted by Maria-Ra in 2017 under the motto: “From healthy food to healthy living.” Based on that strategy, the retailer plans to move away from selling only food products and gradually expand its range with various sport goods.

Maria-Ra has already started selling some limited ranges of skiwear, in tune with the cold climate of Siberia. The retailer now wants to start selling also some accessories, such as caps, hats, scarves, gloves, jackets and socks.

Maria-Ra is one of the biggest retailers in Siberia. It boasted stores in 237 cities and various settlements at the beginning of 2018. The company had net revenue of 57.6 billion rubles (€790m-$910m) in 2014, when it last time posted its financial results.