Sport 2000 went through a difficult period in France after it tried to set up its own corporate stores in 2008 with the financial help of an investment group, Activa Capital, which obtained a controlling interest in the cooperative in 2010. The stores have since been closed down, and after a long silence, Sport 2000 says now that it returned to a profitable situation in the last two years. Its affiliated retail members posted revenues of €560 million for 2012, slightly up from 2011, thanks in part to the opening of 25 new stores. The members currently operate 553 outlets, 230 of which have the Sport 2000 banner and are located outside mountain areas.

The cooperative says that its sales results for 2012 are placing it in a position whereby it can accelerate the implementation of its recovery plan, called CAP 2016. The program, which will be fine-tuned next summer, calls for the enhancement of the stores' profitability, the implementation of a new marketing plan that will place the consumer at the heart of the strategy, and a more rapid expansion of the retail network. It also envisages Activa Capital's full pull-out from the cooperative.

In financial terms, this plan will result in a reallocation of resources toward actions that directly generate store revenues, while at the same time the company will reduce the share of marketing investments traditionally assigned to sports sponsorship. A direct consequence of this decision will be the immediate termination of Sport 2000's longstanding partnership with the French Football Federation (FFF), which has been decided by mutual agreement with the FFF.