Susanne Kern

Susanne Kern

Susanne Kern has a profound background in fashion design, tailoring and year-long experience in PR, marketing and journalism. She worked as sports editor at TextilWirtschaft, co-founded the trade magazine SportBiz, wrote for various sports, outdoor and business media and was a contributor to EDM's publications from 2021-2023. She considers herself a specialized cat herder, apprentice horsewoman, and lover of the written word.

  • greenwashing labels

    EU releases proposal for new green claims law


    With its new proposal for greenwashing legislation, the EU aims to protect consumers from greenwashing. But what exactly are the proposals?

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    Circular design thinking: Design beats disposal


    What can replace a business-centered design approach, with repairable products that last longer, are recyclable and still create value?

  • Rab-Second-Stitch.jpeg

    Repairs: Old knowledge and future challenges


    Regulations for the right to repair are underway. Although challenging, can these be a positive for brands, consumers, and the environment?

  • Fabian_Nendza
    C-Suite Interview

    Fabian Nendza: “We see ourselves as pioneers”


    Can a retailer play a role in the circular economy? Through customer dialog and guidance, Globetrotter aims to do just that.

  • Circular

    Circular Economy: Where all the threads come together


    The adage “good things come to those who wait” does not apply to the tasks ahead for a low-emissions industry responding to the climate crisis, the biodiversity and nature crisis, and the pollution and waste crisis. Part of these urgent tasks is to advance existing recycling capabilities. A critical part ...

  • Waescheleine_1

    On the hunt for green trappers: Greenwashing and the EU legislation


    Greenwashing, meaning advertising environmental initiatives without actually implementing sustainable business practices, is more than common, misleading consumers with promising advertisements or claims about a product’s true benefits. According to a Deloitte survey of U.K. customers, 34 percent of consumers do not choose sustainable products because they perceive a lack of ...

  • Know_The_Rules-Pixabay

    Sustainability reporting: New standards on the horizon


    In April 2021, the European Commission issued its proposed changes to sustainability reporting in the EU. The new paper’s name that will replace the current Non-Financial Disclosure Directive (NFD) is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Except for micro-entities, the new CSRD sets out the non-financial information that companies should ...