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    Sanctions hamper Chinese sporting goods export to Russia


    Sporting goods wholesalers in Russia started experiencing difficulties in making payments for Chinese goods, which takes a toll on the trade flows. The issue is not pressing yet, as the industry accumulated large stocks of goods in the key categories.

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    Russian sporting goods industry hit by labor shortage


    According to market players, Russian sporting goods retail is hit by a persistent labor shortage. Sportmaster, the largest Russian sporting goods retailer, “undoubtedly experiences a lack of workers,” Valentina Vatrak, Head of Sportmaster’s HR department, has told a local news outlet, Retail. Although she claimed the company is staffed 100 ...

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    Russian sporting goods retail benefits from a surge of health-related costs


    A study by VTB, Russia’s second-largest state-owned bank, showed that in the first quarter of 2024, Russians spent Rub 42 billion (€438 million) on health and sports-related costs, 21 percent up from the previous year.

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    Russian sporting goods market experiences surge in cross-border e-commerce


    During the past year, the Russian sporting goods market saw a 16 percent rise in cross-border e-commerce, as customers are increasingly placing orders at foreign marketplaces, CDEK.Shopping, a Russian logistics company estimated. The company revealed that Russians purchase food additives and sporting goods in massive quantities to improve their performance ...

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    Desport leases former Decathlon retail spaces in Russia


    Desport, a chain comprised of former Decathlon stores in Russia, has started leasing some of its stores to fitness centers, sports schools and retailers that sell related products. The retailer offers between 100 and 500 sqm of sales floor in 30 stores in major Russian cities. The average space of ...

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    Russia’s Sportmaster posts a 2023 revenue hike


    Russian sporting goods behemoth Sportmaster solidified its position as the country’s largest fashion retailer in 2023, thanks to a 14 percent hike in revenue to 160 billion rubles last year. Sportmaster generated nearly 70 percent more revenue than Kari and twice as much as Gloria Jeans; the companies ranked second ...

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    Sprandi poised for comeback in Russia


    Sprandi, a once iconic brand in the Russian market, can reportedly resume sales in the country after almost two decades of absence. At the end of 2023, a local wholesale supplier, A Sport, obtained several certificates of conformity from a Russian technical regulator, allowing it to sell sporting shoes under ...

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    Lamoda Sport and DeSport gear up development strategies


    Over the last few years, new sporting goods chains such as Lamoda Sport and DeSport have emerged in Russia, replacing Western suppliers and constantly opening new doors.

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    Competition on marketplaces is becoming increasingly difficult: Russian retailers


    Some Russian sporting goods suppliers are considering moving away from working with marketplaces, citing fierce competition, rising fees and risk of losing identity.

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    A new player emerges in the Russian sporting goods market


    Stadion, a company recently registered to sell sporting goods and athletic apparel in Russia, targets to start opening its first brick-and-mortar stores in 2024. Analysts believe that the declared plans mean that the Russian market is still in the transition phase.