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    GfK sees slow possible recovery of consumption in Germany


    In its monthly study in Germany this May, GfK market researchers found consumer sentiment that has been “rather bright than muted,” because of falling illness rates and success in Covid-19 vaccinations. With more employees coming out of short-time or remote work and incremental re-openings of stores and restaurants, ...

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    The Swiss sports market was stable in 2020, and it continued to grow online more recently


    According to GfK , the Swiss sporting goods market ended up being flat in 2020, in spite of Covid-19, thanks to a sales rally in the last two months of the year. There was, however, a significant gap between the different sectors: the overall winners in 2020 were fitness, outdoor, ...

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    Grim indicators from GfK for the U.K.


    British consumption registered a small uptick in December, especially in the distressed clothing sector, although online sales were reportedly not as buoyant as expected. However, the U.K.’s official exit from the European Union on Dec. 31 and a new extended coronavirus lockdown have apparently created a “perfect storm” that contributed ...

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    GfK: Contrasting consumer sentiment across Europe


    The second wave of the Covid-19 is beginning to stifle the previously expected recovery of the European economy, particularly for the consumption of non-essential products and services. Fortunately, it has not yet led to the retail lockdowns of the first wave in the spring – except in Wales and the ...

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    Swiss sports retailers predict a 10% sales drop this year


    Excluding bikes, which are becoming more popular in the country, the Swiss sporting goods market achieved modest growth of 1.4 percent in 2019 in comparison to the previous year, according to the Swiss Association of Sports Retailers ( Asmas ), which compiled the figures in collaboration with the GfK ...