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    Anti-odor function can now be plant-based

    2023-11-21T11:02:00Z Sponsored by Nordshield

    Finnish technology for large-scale solutions aims at making harmful heavy metal treatments a thing of the past.

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    Lena Haushofer on ISPO Munich 2023: “We want to increase the festival character”

    2023-10-25T07:23:00Z Sponsored by ISPO

    ISPO Munich 2023: Get ready for an enhanced festival experience! Lena Haushofer, Exhibition Director, shares insights on the upcoming trade fair’s exciting new features.

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    Woolmark announces winners of the Performance Challenge Award 2022


    At ISPO Munich 2022, The Woolmark Company and Salomon announced the winners, as well as the ten most innovative finalist concepts, for the 2022 Woolmark Performance Challenge, a well-known innovation and ideas program for the sports and performance market. This year’s theme was long-distance mountain running. Students were asked ...

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    Asics releases trainer with the world’s smallest carbon footprint


    With the launch of its Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 trainer, Asics has unveiled a sneaker with the world’s lowest carbon footprint. As the name suggests, the shoe emits 1.95kg CO2e across its lifecycle. This is significantly less than the lowest CO2e sneakers currently available on the market, based on available ...

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    McKinsey surveys the metaverse


    This month, McKinsey released a report titled “Value creation in the metaverse” to clarify what the metaverse is and what it means for business. By the consultancy’s calculations, the metaverse drew $13 billion in venture capital and private equity last year and has drawn more than $120 billion this year. ...

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    Two sports companies are among the most innovative 50 companies of 2022


    The renowned business magazine Fast Company names the most innovative 50 companies every year. This year, Stripe came in first place. The payment service provider links the digital payment process with environmental protection measures. Stripe offers the possibility to participate in technology for CO2 reduction. Source: Fanatics Fanatics ...

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    Adidas moves Speedfactory technology to Asia


    By the end of this year, Adidas will be transferring the robotic Speedfactory technology that it has developed in cooperation with Oechsler to two of its Asian footwear suppliers to help increase the flexibility of the design and production process. With production times substantially cut there, Adidas says it will ...