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    Polygiene: How Covid-19 is changing our washing behavior

    2021-01-18T10:29:00Z Sponsored by

    Many people wash their clothes for fear of viruses more often than before, the new study by Polygiene found. This, in turn, has an enormous impact on our environment. With the new ViralOff finish for textiles, viruses are killed within two hours - without any washing.

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    Polygiene's acquisition of Addmaster is approved


    The shareholders of Polygiene, the Swedish supplier of anti-viral solutions, have accepted a proposal to issue new shares to help finance the acquisition of Addmaster Holdings, its very profitable U.K.-based supplier of anti-microbial additives for hard surfaces, for SEK 374 million (€36.7m-$44.7m) in cash and shares. Polygiene, whose sales of ...

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    Polygiene wants to merge with Addmaster


    Polygiene, the Swedish supplier of anti-viral solutions, is proposing the issue of new shares worth about 280 million Swedish kronor (€27.5m-$33.5m), subject to approval at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting scheduled for Dec. 30, to help finance the acquisition of Addmaster Holdings, its U.K.-based supplier of anti-microbial additives for hard surfaces, ...

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    Polygiene to treat Caterpillar apparel


    Polygiene has signed a deal with Caterpillar. The manufacturer of construction and mining equipment will be using Polygiene’s antimicrobial treatments in its casualwear as of 2021, with workwear to follow. According to Caterpillar’s senior vice president of apparel, Greg Gemette, this will “reduce the ecological footprint” of the apparel, “as ...

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    Polygiene reformulates ViralOff to meet ISO antiviral standard


    Polygiene is launching a new formula of its ViralOff antiviral treatment with a guarantee for what it calls a “lifetime” of washes. The actual number of washes covered is 30. According to the company, which tested the product against the ISO18184:2019 standard, the new formula will rid a fabric of ...

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    Best quarter ever for Polygiene


    Polygiene reported its “best quarter ever,” with sales rising by 11.7 percent to 22.9 million Swedish kronor (€2.27m - $2.63m) and the gross margin rising by 0.5 percentage points to 70.4 percent, leading to a financial turnaround. The results led to a financial turnaround for the Swedish ingredient brand company, ...

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    YKK and Polygiene collaborate on self-cleaning zippers


    YKK has incorporated Polygiene’s ViralOff into a line of zippers, making them “essentially self-cleaning.” The Japanese company – which has business lines in fasteners, architectural products, and machinery and engineering – is presenting its first zippers of this kind at the Lineapelle show, scheduled for Sept. 22-23 in Milan. ViralOff, ...

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    Lloyds Fonds acquires 2.4% of Polygiene


    As we reported earlier, the Swedish fabric technology brand Polygiene, which was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the Swedish chemical company Perstorp, was among the winners in the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to its new antiviral treatment, ViralOff®, which was launched in April. This success also aroused the interest ...

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    ViralOff helps Polygiene to thrive during pandemic


    Polygiene is at the center of media attention since it launched ViralOff, a fabric treatment with antiviral properties, in April. In the context of Covid-19 outbreak, demand for the garment has soared, and the group expanded its scope from initially treating protective clothing, face masks and other hospital products to ...

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    Polygiene is reorganizing the management


    Polygiene is strengthening its corporate management team due to increased demand for the company’s anti-viral technology, ViralOff. Andreas Holm, who was brought in as a temporary resource during the launch of ViralOff, will assume the position of chief commercial officer on Sept. 1 at the company head office in Malmö, ...

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    Strong recovery and an award for Polygiene


    Polygiene is recovering strongly, thanks to its anti-viral technology. In a preliminary statement, the Swedish company indicates that its sales grew by 37 percent in the second quarter, keeping the gross margin at around 70 percent and generating breakeven operating results, compared with a loss of 4.2 million Swedish kronor ...

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    Polygiene announces ViralOff+ with lifetime washability


    Polygiene announced at a press conference that it is developing a new formula for its ViralOff technology that will provide a testable lifetime of virus reduction in garments. Products treated with the new ViralOff+ will continue to reduce more than 99 percent of viruses within two hours, even after 30 ...

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    Polygiene is trending up


    Polygiene stabilized its business in 2019, with sales declining by just 0.3 percent to 68.8 million Swedish kronor (€6.34m-$6.82m), with cash flow improving and turning positive. Sales actually grew by 6.3 percent excluding the divested Protective Surfaces business, but the operating margin declined and the company ended up with a ...

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    Antiviral products help Polygiene thrive


    Polygiene said its revenues grew in the first quarter of 2020, despite production being halted across Asia due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to preliminary estimates, the Swedish company’s sales rose by 4.3 percent from the year-ago quarter, which the management partly attributed to the group being able to deliver ...

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    HeiQ and Polygiene help defeat coronavirus


    Both HeiQ and Polygiene are drawing attention to the anti-viral properties of their textile treatments.