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    Asics uses virtual reality to present new “human-centric” running models


    Asics has unveiled two high-performance running shoes, the Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge . The shoes were presented at Asics’ Innovation Summit 2021 , the brand’s annual showcase of new performance sports products, which was hosted for the first time by taking guests on a personalized, interactive ...

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    Sporting goods industry stocks rose by 10.9% in Q1 2021


    Confirming the resilience of our industry, the average stock market value of 38 selected public companies in the sporting goods sector advanced by 10.9 percent in the first three months of 2021. Comparatively, the main stock indices grew by only between 2.4 percent and 8.5 percent over the period.

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    Asics selects four start-ups for its business partnership accelerator program


    Asics has unveiled four proposals that it has selected this time in the framework of the Asics Accelerator Program , its business partnership accelerator program for start-ups. The four selected start-ups are: Japan HealthCare (Grand Prize) for its proposal on “Kids Foot Health Checkup for Your Smartphone;” Paronym ...

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    Supply chain transparency: where are sports shoes made?


    We outlinte where Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, and Skechers shoes are made. As watchdogs urge sportswear companies to publish factory lists, we look at the global distribution of top brands’ suppliers.

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    Asics launches running shoe made from second-hand clothes


    Asics is introducing the Sunrise Reborn Pack , a new running shoe made from recycled clothing collected in Japan. The limited-edition line includes two of Asics’ pinnacle shoes, the Metaride and Gel-Quantum 360 TYO , both in a sunrise red color. The collection is part of the company’s ...

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    Asics invests in soccer scouting platform


    Asics Ventures Corp., the investment subsidiary of Asics Corp ., has invested in Dreamstock , the operator of a soccer scouting platform that matches football players with clubs. Dreamstock, based in Tokyo, was founded in July 2017. The digital company supports the youth generation (ages 14-18) by providing matching services ...

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    Asics recognized for actions on supply chain to mitigate climate change


    For the second year in a row, Asics Corp. has been awarded a high position on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard by the Carbon Disclosure Project ( CDP) for its relations with suppliers on climate change. CDP is a not-for-profit environmental charity that runs the global disclosure system ...

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    Asics tops guidance with strong sales in China and higher profits in Europe


    Although its annual revenues and operating earnings decreased, Asics Corp ’s annual results beat the guidance that the company had given last November. Net sales for 2020 declined by 13.0 percent to 328.7 billion yen (€2.58bn-$3.12bn) due to the impact of the Covid pandemic, including a drop of ...

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    Asics expands its Energy Saving Series


    Asics has announced the launch of the Glideride 2 and Evoride 2 , the newest editions to its Energy Saving Series of running shoes. The Glideride 2, which builds on the previous Glideride model, features new gender-specific tuning, with a lower density foam for a softer feel ...

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    Asics teams up with Casio in Japan on personal coaching service for runners


    Casio Computer and Asics Corp. have announced the launch of Runmetrix , a new personal coaching service for runners, from beginner level to experienced runner. The service will begin on March 4 in Japan. Runmetrix combines an app, a motion sensor, and a G-Shock watch to match ...

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    Asics is studying the effects of sports on the mind


    Asics has started a new research project about the “positive impact of sport on mental wellbeing” – in keeping, as its press release notes, with the source of its brand name: the Latin phrase “ anima sana in corpore sano ” (sound mind in sound body). The Japanese company ...

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    Asics shutters its NYC flagship store


    Asics has closed down for good its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in the Manhattan district of New York, which it had opened in 2017, occupying 2,035 square feet of selling space, to position itself in the city as a direct competitor of bigger sports brands like Nike, Adidas ...

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    Asics launches its “Vision2030” strategy


    Asics has launched “Vision2030,” the company’s new long-term vision and targets for the coming ten years. During this timeframe and beyond, the company said it plans to expand its business in three domains: Product, Facility and Community, and Analysis and Diagnosis. The Product domain will focus on the ...

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    Asics joins The Fashion Pact


    Asics has become the first Japanese company to join The Fashion Pact , a global coalition of companies in the fashion and textile industry, including their suppliers and distributors, committed to key environmental goals. The Fashion Pact focuses in particular on three areas: mitigating climate change, restoring biodiversity, and ...

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    Few sports brands in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index


    Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue in the sporting goods sector. However, after being on the list for 20 consecutive years, Adidas is absent from this year’s Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) . The annual DJSI, which has reached its 21st edition, assesses the sustainability performance of the ...

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    Asics improves in Q3, but warns about second Covid wave


    Asics reported better-than-expected third-quarter sales and revised upward its forecasts for the full year, but warned that fourth-quarter sales would take a hit from the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Net sales rose by 4.39 percent to 103,309 million yen (€829m-$979m) in the third quarter as more ...

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    Asics launches an annual virtual relay marathon


    Asics has founded an annual virtual relay marathon called the Asics World Ekiden . The footrace is split into six legs – three of 5 km, two of 10 km and one of 7.2 km – adding up to the usual marathon distance of 42.2 km.Teams of up to ...

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    Asics starts virtual tennis coaching community


    Asics EMEA has announced the launch of the Asics Tennis Academy , a virtual community platform to support tennis coaches. Experts, who according to Asics include elite coaches, strength trainers, physiotherapists and sports psychologists, will exchange customized training videos and articles to further professional training on a broad level. ...

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    Ranking - The top 10 athletic footwear brands


    This exclusive chart shows the leading international footwear brands, including Nike, Adidas, Skechers, VF Corp., New Balance, Puma, Asics. Ranking by Revenue and by %-growth vs last year. This is exclusive data and analysis for Premium Members.

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    Asics posts heavy losses


    After ending the first quarter in the red, Asics posted steep losses again in the second quarter. They reached 11,700 million yen (€92.5m-$109.5m), versus a profit of ¥2,100 million for the same quarter last year. Sales were off by 21.5 percent to ¥146,800 million (€1.16bn-$1.37bn) in the period, ...