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    EDM Interview Series #01-2021:
    Gym + Coffee


    Gym+Coffee , an Irish brand of athleisure clothing and accessories for women and men, was founded by three friends in 2017. The company has six “Clubhouse” stores in the Republic of Ireland and two in the U.K., which are also meant to serve as local community hubs. It also ...

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    Opinion: The short- vs long-term perspective of retail recovery


    Guest Article by Magnus Ohlsson The pandemic has led consumers to shift interests and behavior for now, but not necessarily forever. This also means that short-term gains and losses should not be translated into an everlasting future. It is important to take into the equation the brand performance of ...

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    Why 2020 could be the year Amazon becomes unstoppable


    From infiltrating the pharma business to owning the internet, the Amazon juggernaut will be flexing its muscle with broad implications.