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    Updated: Isn’t sports retailing an “essential” category?


    The German government is widely expected to announce an extension of its lockdown for retailers of “non-essential” items as well as fitness studios and restaurants through Feb. 14, according to leading German media. The second German lockdown started on Dec. 16 and was supposed to end on Jan. 11, but ...

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    EU updates supplier/wholesaler/retailer regulations


    The European Commission is sounding out companies involved in the sale and distribution of consumer goods and their trade associations to provide input for the reform of a set of guidelines governing dealings between suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. First issued in 2010 and called the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation – ...

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    Schöffel launches digital brand experience for retailers


    Building up on the positive experience gained through its international online sales meeting last May, Schöffel has opened a “ Digital Brand Space ,” making its entire brand world a virtual experience that will be developing all year ’round. The German sports apparel company’s retail partners can ...

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    Switzerland joins the retail lockdown


    Joining Germany and Austria, the Swiss government has ordered the closure of all non-essential physical shops, starting on Monday, Jan. 18. The Swiss ban will last through the end of February, affecting all kinds of sports shops, many of which work a lot with winter sports. However, many Swiss ski ...

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    Sports retailers scored better than other specialty retailers in France


    Going through two Covid-related lockdowns, French specialty retailers saw their sales decline on average by 18 percent in 2020, although their online turnover jumped by 80 percent for the year, including a growth of 85 percent in December, according to their trade association, Procos . Shoe retailers suffered the biggest ...

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    German winter sports retailers ask for special government aid


    Rainer Angstl , the manager of Sport Schuster in Munich, and the managing directors of more than 170 other German sports retailers that depend heavily on the winter sports business have signed an open letter to the federal government, asking for subsidies based on the monthly gross profits that ...

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    Intersport retailer makes a fuss over the newly extended German retail lockdown


    After a consultation with the state governments, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Jan. 5 that a nationwide retail lockdown for the sale of non-essential goods will be prolonged until Jan. 31 because of the ongoing high level of contaminations from the Covid-19 virus. It started on Dec. 16 and ...

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    Sports & outdoor retail rose by 7.2% in the U.K. in 2020


    Sports and outdoor retailers survived the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.K. last year. Spending on their products rose by 7.2 percent, according to Barclaycard , which noted in particular the boom in home fitness while gyms were closed. Home improvement items and furniture scored similar increases. In contrast, general clothing ...

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    +++ Go Sport has unveiled a new more digital store concept at its 1,800-square-meter location on Place de la République in Central Paris +++ Intersport has opened two new modern franchised stores with optimized visual merchandising in Switzerland, located in Sierre and Grindelwald +++ Sporthaus Saemann , a ...

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    E-tailers and fewer ski resorts escape new anti-Covid measures


    Frasers Group , the parent company of the Sports Direct chain, was the first major retailer in the U.K. to withdraw its guidance for its current financial year after the government, on Dec. 19, ordered the shutdown of all stores selling non-essential products in London and Eastern and Southeastern ...

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    Sport 2000 Gigasport is Sports Retailer of the Year in Austria


    Sport 2000 Austria is delighted that two of its retail members are among the three winners of this year’s Austrian sports business award, Victor . First place went to Sport 2000 Gigasport , with Bründl Sports , a former Intersport member located in Kaprun, coming in second. Sport ...

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    Burton is paying sales commissions to wholesalers and retailers


    According to Boardsport Source , Burton has initiated in certain European countries a pilot version of the “Sales Incentive Program” it has set up in the U.S. Employees at its wholesale partners in in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are receiving a commission, or “cash bonus,” on the sale of ...

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    The Spanish Sports Retail Market


    This interactive chart shows the largest spanish sports retailers by revenue, total market size 2019, market shares and revenue development vs the previous year. This chart can be downloaded as JPG, PNG or PDF.

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    Denmark extends Covid-related restrictions for retail and sports, but sports retailers are happy


    Danish sporting goods retailers indicate that their sales have been higher overall this year than in 2019 - in spite or because of the pandemic. Public authorities have encouraged people to practice sports, especially outdoors. As they have been saving money on anything except e-commerce, they are also said to ...

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    +++ Rossignol is opening its first flagship store in Lyon, located in the elegant Presqu’Ile district of the French city +++ Skechers has opened its first flagship store in Munich on the city’s high-traffic Kaufingerstrasse +++ Nike ’s Jordan brand is opening a 4,500-square-foot store in Manila, at ...

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    Runners Need plans further retail expansion


    Runners Need will be opening 10 stores in 2021. The British retailer has opened nine stores this year – in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Kingston Upon Thames, South Cerney, Chester, Brighton and London’s Covent Garden and Islington – and now operates 43. It has also recently enjoyed its best e-commerce ...

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    The German Sports Retail Market


    This interactive chart shows the largest german sports retailers by revenue, total market size 2019, market shares and revenue development vs the previous year. This chart can be downloaded as JPG, PNG or PDF.

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    Intersport embarks in retail media in Germany


    After two years of preparation, Intersport Germany has launched a new retail media service that allows brands from inside and outside the sporting goods industry to advertise themselves through the offline and online channels of some of its affiliated retail members. The clients will benefit from this new ...

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    A shorter retail lockdown will benefit the trade


    Fortunately for European sporting goods retailers, the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic appears so far to have been more manageable, leading some governments to relax a ban on sales of non-essential products in physical stores after only about one month of enforcement – a lot less than during the ...

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    +++ XXL Sports Outdoor has commissioned a 7,000-square-meter, robotized warehouse for the Austrian market that will open next year in Enzersdorf, near Vienna’s airport +++ Daka Sport , the Dutch retailer, has completed the transformation of four Sportsworld stores it had acquired last year with its ...