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    Russia postpones to June 15 deadline to sell untagged shoes


    The Russian government has once again pushed back the deadline for retailers to sell their remaining inventories of untagged footwear to avoid counterfeits. The new date is June 15. Labelling shoes with special electronic tags became mandatory in Russia on June 1, 2020. As of April this year, 82,000 companies ...

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    Decathlon plans to work with more online marketplaces in Russia


    Decathlon is set to begin selling sporting goods through several online marketplaces in Russia as part of an expansion of its online sales activities, according to the local Retail news service, which quoted Julia Goroshenya , development director of Decathlon in Russia. Decathlon has already worked successfully with ...

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    Russia may curtail counterfeiting within 12 months, Unichel feels


    The mandatory tagging of footwear, coupled with increased controls in the Russian market, could curb the share of counterfeit shoes sold in the country, said Vladimir Denisenko , the head of Russia’s main footwear producer Unichel . Denisenko was initially critical about the tagging project when it was launched by ...

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    Soft anti-Covid restrictions boost sales of winter sports items in Russia


    After a slump in sales at the beginning of the current autumn/winter season, sales of products for winter sports in Russia have proven to be strong in January and February thanks to abundant snow and weak quarantine restrictions, allowing all ski facilities to continue to operate in contrast with ...

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    Mandatory shoe tagging doesn’t prevent counterfeiting in Russia


    Russian law enforcement agencies have discovered a big store that had been selling fake sports shoes under the guise of famous brands for almost one year in a shopping center in the central Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. It was estimated that the store caused the rights holders damages close ...

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    Slinger Bag finds a distributor for Russia


    Slinger Bag has signed a five-year distribution deal for Russia with Neva Sport , which handles the distribution for Babolat in the country as well. Slinger Bag will be launching its product in the country on April 1. As we have reported over the past few months, Slinger ...

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    Russian law enforcement agencies keep seizing untagged shoes


    Russian police have seized big batches of counterfeit shoes in St. Petersburg and in the Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk regions. In Novosibirsk, for example, police officials seized 1,338 pairs of shoes that didn’t have the QR codes that became mandatory in Russia on July 1 to help wipe out counterfeit shoes ...

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    The online sporting goods market skyrocketed in Russia in 2020


    In 2020, online sales of sporting goods in Russia jumped by a factor of 10 as compared to the previous year, according to a research company, OFD . Dumbbells, yoga and fitness mats, resistance bands, and treadmills were particularly popular among Russian customers. Coronavirus-related lockdowns drove a sharp growth in ...

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    Importers may have to pay more to bring bicycles into Russia


    Mandatory tagging of bicycles in Russia may oblige some importers to pay higher import duties, according to sources, normalizing the market in similar ways as the mandatory tagging program recently introduced for footwear. In Russia, bicycles are subject to a 10 percent import duty, but some importers of Chinese ...

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    Gym closings spur the demand for sporting goods in Russia


    Consumer demand for sporting goods on the Russian market has been seen growing because 37 percent of the gyms in the country are still not allowed to resume operations, based on research conducted by Evotor . Quite a few gyms have been shut down for good, as their owners had ...

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    State aid further improves demand for sporting goods in Russia


    According to a Moscow-based think tank, Romir , Russian households have spent a significant portion of their state aid for Covid-19 relief on sporting goods. The demand for sporting goods in Russia skyrocketed with the end of the country’s retail lockdown, Romir said. Overall sales were up by a factor ...

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    Mandatory tagging of shoes will start in Russia on July 1st


    There will be no further delays in the introduction of mandatory tagging of footwear products sold on the Russian market, said Victor Evtukhov , Deputy Industry and Trade Minister. All untagged shoes will be banned for sale in the country from July 1, he added. The tags consist of ...

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    Russian government postpones shoe tagging


    Russia’s Prime Minister, Alexey Mishustin , has postponed the compulsory tagging of footwear in the domestic market from March 1 to July 1, according to a decree posted on the Russian government’s website on March 3.

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    Warm winter kills the demand for sporting goods in Russia


    Sales of goods for winter sports have shrunk by 22 percent in the European part of Russia during the current autumn/winter season, according to research conducted by a Russian online marketplace, Avito.

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    Decathlon relies on Alibaba for online sales in Russia


    Decathlon has begun to sell its products online in the country through the Tmall marketplace of AliExpress Russia , instead of using its own internet platform as in other countries.

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    Russian football flips out over a flipped flag


    The Russian Football Union (RFU) is criticizing Adidas for supplying poor-quality football clothing, according to a Russian newspaper, Sport Express, which says that the Russian national football team refused to play against Belgium and San Marino in November in the new kit designed and supplied by the company. Most ...

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    The Russian market is apparently rising


    Russian consumers have been purchasing sporting goods more frequently in the last few months, basically opting for more expensive options than a year ago, according to certain findings from a market study that have been released by a government agency, Platform OFD. The agency estimated that it rose by ...

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    Intersport Russia is found selling fake items


    While the current Russian licensee of Intersport is winding down its loss-making operations, the court of arbitration of the Russian republic of Buryatia has found an Intersport store in the city of Ulan-Ude guilty of selling counterfeit sporting goods under the brands of Adidas, Reebok and Nike.