A court in Düsseldorf has ruled that Künzli Classic shoes, which feature five stripes, should be removed from German stores. This is the latest installment in a dispute between K-Swiss, the Californian shoe brand, and Künzli, the much smaller Swiss brand from which K-Swiss originated. Künzli said that its founder, Werner Künzli, registered the five stripes back in 1964, four years before Art and Ernie Brunner became the exclusive distributors for the brand in the U.S. market. Four years later the Brunners renamed their company K-Swiss and went on to register the five stripes in several markets. In 1990 K-Swiss registered the five stripes in Germany, which Künzli argues was done in bad faith. The ruling is significant for Künzli, as the Künzli Classic model makes up about one-third of its sales in Germany, through these sales amount to fewer than 1,000 pairs a year. Künzli has appealed the Düsseldorf court's ruling.