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    Second-hand isn’t second best, says Unidays fashion report 2023


    Unidays, a digital marketplace for student discounts and a networking platform, has conducted a new study among 3,279 of its (27 million worldwide) users in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. As Unidays is a student-only offering, the company connects with a purely Gen-Z target group. The Unidays Fashion Report 2023 ...

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    European Central Bank’s latest report shares new predictions on inflation 2023-2025


    In December 2022, the European Central Bank (ECB) released its Eurosystem Staff Macroeconomic Projections for the Euro Area. With well-documented economic influences already leading to a sharp slowdown in real GDP growth in the third quarter of 2022, the main forecast was: The expectation of a short-lived and shallow recession ...

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    Digital Payments and e-wallets: An overview about PayPal and co


    PayPal appears to be far and away the West’s top provider of e-wallets. How did this come about, who are the competitors and what is the situation in other parts of the world?

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    World Athletics publishes study of online abuse


    World Athletics, the worldwide governing body for track and field, has published a second Online Abuse Study. The first was conducted during the Tokyo Olympics (in 2020), focused on Twitter, and inspired World Athletics to adopt what it calls a safeguarding policy in November 2021. The body revised the policy ...

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    Winners and losers in the Chinese e-commerce market


    Lockdowns lasting months in some areas have unsettled consumers in China. The apparel market has not escaped this. The NPD Group provides an overview of the biggest winners and losers – sports brands among them – on the most important e-commerce platform in China, Tmall. Source: Screenshot from ...

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    Analysis: Sporting goods industry stocks down more than 14% in Q2 2022


    According to SGI Europe’s quarterly study of 38 select sporting goods industry stocks, the decline was less than the 16.25 percent average decline in the first quarter of 2022, when 34 out of 36 stocks posted a stock price drop from the end of the fourth quarter. Five of the ...

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    Analysis: Sales per employee increased 18% in 2021


    Aggregate, year-over-year employee growth at 19 sporting goods companies rose 9.7 percent in 2021 as average sales per employee (SPE) at these firms increased 18.4 percent to €390,000. These calculations were made after SGI Europe scoured annual reports for year-end employee counts, which often were detailed to include full-time employees, ...

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    Difference in understanding of concussion causes and potential risk reduction in the U.S. and Germany


    A survey conducted by consumer survey firm Nielsen and commissioned by Mips, the Swedish helmet safety technology company, has found that a wide gap exists between Americans’ and Germans’ knowledge of concussions and how to reduce the risk of concussions through helmet use. Nielsen surveyed a representative sample of 1,000 ...

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    Container xChange: Peak shipping season could be worse than last year


    More than half (51 percent) of 200 forwarders, traders and shippers surveyed recently by Container xChange, a Hamburg, Germany-based technology infrastructure provider for container logistics companies, are predicting a “worse” third quarter shipping season than in 2021 when cargo surges resulted in record container shipping freight rates, delivery delays, port ...

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    Sporting Goods Industry Scorecard 2021


    Exclusive: We give you an overview of top performers by sales and profit.

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    Analysis: Sporting Goods Industry stocks fell more than 16% in Q1 2022


    According to SGI Europe’s quarterly study of selected public sporting goods industry stocks, their average share price fell by 16.25 percent on a sequential basis in the first quarter of 2022, in contrast with the performance of some major stock indexes during the same period. The Standard & Poor’s 500 ...

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    Two sports companies are among the most innovative 50 companies of 2022


    The renowned business magazine Fast Company names the most innovative 50 companies every year. This year, Stripe came in first place. The payment service provider links the digital payment process with environmental protection measures. Stripe offers the possibility to participate in technology for CO2 reduction. Source: Fanatics Fanatics ...

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    Women in sports business: facts and figures on international women’s day


    #BreakTheBias is the slogan for International Women’s Day 2022, and many sports and outdoor brands are also using the slogan together with the hashtags #InternationalWomensDay and #IWD2022 for their own campaigns in the “Women’s Month of March.” On the occasion of Women’s Day, SGI Europe examined the quota of women ...

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    Warnings about the recovery in the eurozone


    The weekly tracker of economic activity compiled by the OECD rose above the comparable 2019 level at the beginning of September in most of the eurozone countries on a 4-week rolling basis. It was particularly high in Italy and Belgium, but some economists predict that the eurozone’s recovery may slow ...

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    Report ranks Lululemon and Adidas highest for avoidance of forced labor


    Of the 37 companies examined by KnowTheChain , the ten footwear or apparel companies that are most conscientious in terms of supply-chain labor policy, scored on a scale of zero to 100, are: Lululemon (89), Adidas (86), PVH (74), Gap (70), Primark (69), Nike ...

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    Sporting goods industry stocks rose by 10.9% in Q1 2021


    Confirming the resilience of our industry, the average stock market value of 38 selected public companies in the sporting goods sector advanced by 10.9 percent in the first three months of 2021. Comparatively, the main stock indices grew by only between 2.4 percent and 8.5 percent over the period.

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    The Norwegian market grew by over 7% in 2020


    Norway has the highest per capita consumption for sporting goods in Europe, and it grew strongly last year – in spite or because of the coronavirus epidemic – in contrast with an overall sales decline estimated at around 10 percent in the five major European countries. One main reason was ...

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    Analysis: Sporting goods industry stocks surged by 32% in Covid year


    This exclusive chart shows the development in the market capitalization of the top 86 stock-listed sporting goods companies between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. This is exclusive data and analysis for Professional Members.

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    Diversity and inclusion bring benefits for Puma and other companies


    In 2020, the year of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, diversity and inclusion burst onto the public agenda. The theme has emerged on companies’ radars, too. Diversity and inclusion are increasingly criteria by which companies are evaluated, and they are producing many positive results. While some footwear and sportswear ...

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    Analysis: The European Sports Retail Market


    This is an exclusive, yearly statistic only available for subscribers of SGI Europe. It includes revenue and market share development of the major sporting goods retailers in 15 European countries.