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  • Sweden

    Swedish sports retail down 7.5 percent in Q4, index now with racquet sports


    The quarterly Sportindex by Svenskt Sportforum shows that Swedish sports retail sales decreased by 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022, making it the fourth consecutive quarter with negative development for sports retail. For the full year 2022, sports retail sales development landed at -5.8 percent. However, the drop ...

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    Int'l Cricket Council tops social media ranking among sports federations


    BCW Sports has released its “2022 International Sports Federations Social Media Ranking,” published annually since 2016.

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    Marketmedia expects flat market development for the coming years


    Marketmedia24 has launched its new “Branchen-Report Outdoor 2023,” which puts a spotlight on the market development in Germany from the pandemic years 2020 and 2021 to 2022, the latter a year overshadowed by war and inflation. Overall, Marketmedia24 sees 2022 as a year of slightly negative sales numbers (-1.4 percent) ...

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    StockX broke records in 2022, reveals most traded and fastest growing brands


    In a new report, Detroit-based resale platform StockX details the top-traded and fastest-growing brands on its platform over the last year. StockX’s annual report – Big Facts: Current Culture Index 2023 – notes that the company surpassed 1.5 million lifetime sellers, 12 million lifetime buyers and 40 ...

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    Sports in Italy in 2050: A new study


    A new report has been released outlining the key sports trends in Italy to 2050. The report, titled “2050: scenari sul futuro dello sport in Italia” (“2050: Scenarios on the future of sports in Italy”), was officially presented at the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) in Rome on Jan. 13 by ...

  • Deutschland
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    High energy costs massively change Germans’ buying habits


    The German Retail Association (HDE) reports that the high price increases for energy in Germany have significantly changed the shopping behavior of consumers. For example, the latest HDE “Consumer Monitor Prices” for 2022/23 shows that eight out of ten consumers are affected by rising energy costs, and ...

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    eBay U.K. partners with ACS to make second-hand items easier to access


    eBay U.K. has announced a new partnership with the textile fulfillment company Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS). U.K.-based ACS – now B Corp-certified – is an expert in reselling, cleaning and repairing garments to expand the online marketplace’s second-hand offering and reduce waste in the fashion industry. The announcement comes on ...

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    Austrian Tourist Board: Winter season can be a success despite challenges


    At a press conference in late October, tourism state secretary Susanne Kraus-Winkler and Österreich Werbung (OW; Austria Tourism) managing director Lisa Weddig addressed the current status quo of the tourism industry and the potential for the 2022/23 winter season, revealing that the industry made a comeback this summer, people are ...

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    Microsoft survey sees managers mistrusting hybrid working models


    The vast majority of managers have difficulty trusting the productivity of their employees in hybrid work models.

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    Women’s football in Europe to grow sixfold in commercial value by 2033


    UEFA has launched a new report highlighting the potential for growth in the European women’s club and league game over the next decade. According to the report titled The Business Case for Women’s Football, women’s football could see a six-fold increase in its commercial value over the next decade, reaching ...

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    YouGov analysis sees E-sports being an industry dominated by young, male consumers


    YouGov has conducted a new study on the German E-sports market. The global market research company puts one of its main focuses on the E-sports business since it entered an exclusive research and data analysis partnership with the gaming business media outlet Business of Esports last year. The new study ...

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    Stravito partners with KnowledgeHound to centralize survey data in one platform


    Swedish software provider Stravito, a platform aimed at democratizing access to market research data, has announced a partnership with KnowledgeHound, a U.S.-based survey analytics platform, to offer fully centralized insights management. Companies subscribing to both platforms and taking advantage of this new integration can now access all of their survey ...

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    Tennis is becoming increasingly popular in South Korea


    Tennis is apparently becoming increasingly popular in South Korea. This is reported by Korea Jong daily. The market in Korea reached approximately 250 billion won (€190 million) last year, with around 500,000 people playing. According to research by Korea Jong daily, online stores, tennis apparel brands, brick-and-mortar retailers and tennis ...

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    Pandemic curbed organized sports in Italy, but physical activity is on the rise


    The number of registered sports participants in Italy dropped by 1,760,000 units in the 2019/20 period. The number of sports associations declined as well, with 5,166 of them shutting down during the two-year period. These are the key elements that emerge from I Numeri dello Sport 2019-2020 (Tr.: The Figures ...

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    An update on padel in Italy


    The number of padel facilities and courts in Italy continues to grow. According to data from Osservatorio Mr Padel Paddle, 479 new facilities and 1,219 courts have been set up since Jan. 1, bringing the total to 2,323 facilities and 5,908 courts nationwide. The increase has been 26 percent for ...

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    Alibaba reports skateboard trend in China


    Chinese technology company Alibaba reports a surge in sales of skateboards. In China, skateboarding is considered an outsider sport or culture, not least because of its U.S. influences. Source: Elon Shi via Alizila Skateboarder Elon Shi in Shanghai However, as Alizila, Alibaba’s news platform, writes, skateboarding’s reputation ...

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    Ongoing war in Ukraine weighs on German consumer sentiment


    As the consumer barometer of the German Retail Association (HDE) shows, consumer sentiment among Germans is continuing to deteriorate in May. After plummeting massively following the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, the index is now declining again. This is the sixth month of consecutive declines in the HDE ...

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    Asics’ State of Mind Index proves the positive impact of physical activity on the world’s mental health


    Asics has announced the results of its inaugural Global State of Mind Index, which proves a direct positive link between exercise and mental health, but uncovers the worrying potential impact of lower levels of activity in younger generations across the globe. The first-of-its-kind global study, which tracked the mental state ...

  • Deloitte

    Deloitte media consumer study 2022 examines the metaverse phenomenon


    The metaverse and its new possibilities are moving the digital media world. Consultancy Deloitte has dedicated its new media consumer survey 2022 entirely to this topic. The market researchers’ latest study, conducted among 2,000 consumers in Germany in February 2022, shines a light on consumers’ attitudes to the virtual world. ...

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    NPD sport consumer survey examines sports activities in Europe


    The latest Sport Consumer Survey IV: Europe by NPD, conducted among consumers in Germany, France, the U.K., Italy and Spain, has examined consumer’s sporting activities during the 2021 pandemic. According to the report, hiking, yoga and running were the top activities in Europe, while soccer was the only sport that ...