Five shareholders have bought half of the shares held in We aRe SpinDye (WRSD) by its chairman, Christian Rasmussen, reducing his stake to 13.29 percent. The shareholders are Ilja Batljan, Patrik Tillman, Rutger Arnhult, Stefan Hansson and Erik Björklund. They paid a total of for 20,016,285 Swedish kronor (€1.94m-$22.9m) in the transaction. Based in Sweden, WRSD is a seven-year-old Swedish company that has developed a clean, sustainable and traceable system to color synthetic fabrics in a simple and user-friendly manner. It has just announced a deal with Superdry, the British brand of sportswear, which had previously stated that it wants to “become the most sustainable listed global fashion brand on the planet in 2030.” The SpinDye system has already been adopted by many companies including H&M and Adidas, which has used it for its latest Stella McCartney collection.