Endura, a Scottish cycling apparel brand founded in 1993 and part of Pentland Brands since 2018, says it has now planted more than 1.3 million trees in Maputo Bay, Mozambique. That is 30 percent more than the original goal of the “One Million Trees” initiative announced in early 2020. With the achievement of this important milestone, the brand is now aiming to become CO² negative by 2024. By 2030, Endura even predicts that its net footprint could remove more than 100,000 tons of atmospheric CO² each year. Since Endura made a pledge to plant one million trees each year for the next ten years, the brand has committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating its carbon footprint. In a project led by Endura’s founder and CEO, Jim McFarlane, the company examined its activities from fabric production to the end of product life to calculate its total carbon emissions. It found that the main factor was the energy required to produce the materials for its products.