+++ Corratec, the German bicycle brand, will start a new factory with an annual capacity for 300,000 bikes next February in the Romanian city of Timișoara, repatriating some production from Asia (more in The Outdoor Industry Compass)



+++ Manchester United has fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Norwegian team manager hired three years ago, after the English football club lost 4-1 against Watford on Saturday Nov. 20, its fifth defeat in the first seven matches of this season’s Premier League


Legal & Institutional:

+++ Settling a class action suit lodged by customers in 2016, Nautilus has agreed to pay them $4,250,000 through a common fund because the Bowflex, Nautilus and Schwinn treadmills they had bought had continuous horsepower ratings that exceeded the limits of a household circuit



+++ Between Nov. 24 and Dec. 9, Christie’s New York will be auctioning off a pair of Air Jordan XIII “He’s Got Game” shoes, worn by Michael Jordan for the last NBA match of the 1997-98 season and signed by him



+++ Elan announced the early release for AW 2022/23 of a limited edition of the Ripstock Tour 104, a touring ski designed and tested by Glen Pake, the iconic U.S. skier known for his Mohawk hairstyle

+++ Claudia D’Arpizio of Bain & Company tells that 30% of new consumers of personal luxury products enter the sector by buying sneakers or other products that they ue on a daily basis, allowing luxury labels to retain them afterwards

+++ Louis Vuitton has been charged of developing the case for the final trophy of the FIFA World Cup of football