In October 2021, Polartec launched a partnership with 3D solutions provider Browzwear and is now pushing further into the 3D design space. Starting in April 2022, the fabric specialist is sponsoring three design courses by the Portland Apparel Lab (PAL) to certify designers in VStitcher software, an industry-standard program from the Browzwear platform. Companies like Patagonia, Nike, Adidas and VF are already using the platform to digitally design and preview garments with a specific fabric. While providing enhanced accuracy and visualization of a style, the system aims to reduce the number of sample garments, which streamlines the go-to-market process, leading to less waste and investment. Students will have the opportunity to create true-to-life 3D garment prototypes with Polartec performance fabrics with the help of Browzwear-certified instructor Dawn Moothart. The three-hour classes will be held weekly over Zoom. Dates for the online seminars are visible on the PAL registration site.