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  • Lululemon Like New
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    Lululemon expands “Like New” resale program across U.S.


    After launching its “Like New” pilot program last spring in 80 stores in California and Texas in collaboration with Trove, recognized industry experts in branded re-commerce, to support with resale technology and operations, Canadian athleisure brand Lululemon, which most recently expanded into the running and tennis markets, has expanded its ...

  • IFC-Pangaia-Infinna-Tee-2-1024x576
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    Pangaia launches world’s first shirts made from 100% Infinna


    Pangaia, a London-based materials science company, and Infinited Fiber Company, a Finnish circular fashion and textile biotechnology company, have introduced the world’s first shirts made from Infinna™, a new textile fiber produced entirely from textile waste. This is the first time a shirt made from 100 percent Infinna, a regenerated ...

  • Zalando - Infinna
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    Zalando creates circular, modular sweatshirt


    Zalando has created a unisex, modular sweatshirt made of Infinna – a fiber produced in Finland by Infinited Fiber Company that consists entirely of post-consumer textile waste. Even the weave has been designed, in 3D, to cut waste to 3 percent of the raw fabric. The sweatshirt was on display ...

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    ​Re-commerce market leader momox increases revenue to €335 million in 2021


    The Germany-based, European re-commerce market leader momox continues to be on a growth course and looks back on a successful business year 2021 with an increase in sales to € 335 million. The focus of the past fiscal year at momox AG – the transformation of momox GmbH to a ...

  • M07
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    Puma turns old football jerseys into new ones


    Re:Jersey is the name of Puma’s pilot project for the recycling of football jerseys. The aim is to turn old jerseys into new ones. Manchester City is already scheduled to receive its warm-up jerseys for league matches from the clothing recycling project by the end of April. The main component ...

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    Puma is looking for 500 testers for the next phase of the Re:Suede project


    Puma is looking for 500 people in Germany to join brand ambassadors such as Cara Delevingne and Raphaël Varane to test the Re:Suede sneaker and become part of the company’s experiment to find out if it is possible to produce a biodegradable version of the classic Suede, one of the ...

  • OrthoLite_Cirql_Image
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    OrthoLite introduces fully compostable midsole foam


    Insole specialist OrthoLite and Vietnam-based material solutions company Cirql have introduced a plant-based biopolymer foam that is EVA plastic-free, recyclable, compostable and comes with an end-of-life solution. The new OrthoLite Cirql sole offerings have their own website and claim to be the critical solution for true circularity within the footwear ...

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    ​Fabletics launches a resale program in the U.S.


    Fabletics, the workout apparel brand, announced it will enter resale in the U.S. as part of its broader strategy to become more environmentally conscious. Last year, Fabletics implemented carbon neutrality in all of its stores, replaced plastic shipping bags with bags made from recycled materials, and released an environmentally conscious ...

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    New contributions by Salomon, Patagonia and others to a circular economy


    Product designers at Salomon have spent more than 18 months working on a running shoe that can be fully recycled for the production of other equipment at the end of its life.