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    “If you’re interested in circular economy in the sports business, you can’t miss ISPO Munich 2022.”

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    ISPO Munich promises dialogue and exchange in the industry, and thus collaborations and faster progress. Learn the program highlights.

  • Dakine
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    ​Dakine introduces its first recyclable technical outerwear kit


    Source: W’s Sender Stretch jacket Dakine has launched the Sender Stretch 3L Series jacket and pants, a technical and durable winter outerwear kit that can be recycled. The Sender, available for men and women, is “thoughtfully built with durability and longevity in mind, withstanding multiple 100-day ...

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    Save your company. Save your planet

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    How do I save my company? Is it enough to solve cost issues? How do we open up new sources of revenue? Know your priorities.

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    PrimaLoft’s 360° approach to elevate performance and sustainability through innovation

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    Find out more about Primaloft’s pillars for a reduction of the environmental footprint.

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    Recycle Your Boots: Tecnica Group’s recycling project aims at closing the loop


    The Tecnica Group is committed to closing the circle of ski boot life cycles: 4,200 ski boots have already been collected, dismantled and recycled into new products in the first year since autumn 2021 of the group’s “Recycle Your Boots” (RYB) project.

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    Decathlon Belgium temporarily becomes "Nolhtaced"


    Source: @DecathlonBe on Instagram Decathlon Belgium is changing its name to “Nolhtaced” (written backwards) for the next month. The move comes as part of a marketing and sustainability drive to promote “reverse shopping,” the retailer explained in a press release. Decathlon buys, repairs and resells second-hand products ...

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    74 percent of post-consumer textile in Europe is recyclable


    A report titled Sorting for Circularity Europe provides key findings for a more circular use of textiles.

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    On partners with Trove to launch U.S. resale site and online exchange program


    Swiss sportswear and athletic footwear brand On has launched Onward in the U.S., a new resale site and online exchange program powered by California-based brand e-commerce specialist Trove. The Onward program is an extension of On’s existing ESG initiatives, which focus on driving sustainability through innovation and promoting the circular ...

  • Wellicious
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    Compostable yoga wear from Wellicious


    As reported by 1st Blue, German yoga wear brand Wellicious has launched its first “Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Yoga Collection” – compostable yoga wear – after six years of research into sustainable materials. The elasticity of the Wellicious fabrics, which is necessary for yoga, comes from a new type of biodegradable elastane, ...

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    Marimekko launches marketplace for second-hand goods


    The Finnish lifestyle design company Marimekko is launching a digital, community-driven marketplace for vintage and second-hand goods, called Marimekko Pre-loved. The launch is scheduled for Aug. 25. The platform is built in collaboration with the resale technology specialist Archive. To celebrate the launch, Marimekko will release a special selection of ...

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    Shoe repair service launches at Veja’s Berlin store


    On Sep. 1, the sneaker repair shop opens in the newly opened Veja store in Berlin-Mitte. From now on, not only Veja sneakers but also shoes of other brands can be repaired and cleaned here. The store is located at Alte Schönhauser Str. 42, is open Monday through Saturday from ...

  • Rebag Shop
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    Rebag now also sells Adidas, Yeezy, Nike, Jordan


    Luxury re-commerce platform Rebag is now offering shoes and apparel on its platform in addition to bags, watches and jewelry. This includes products from the Adidas, Yeezy, Nike and Jordan brands. “Shoes have been one of the top requests, so of course, we listened. We applied Rebag’s meticulousness for sourcing ...

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    Carbios signs two-year contract with On, Puma, Salomon, Patagonia for circularity research


    The French biorecycling provider Carbios has signed an agreement with On, Patagonia, Puma and Salomon to develop solutions aiming to enhance the recyclability and circularity of the brands’ products. The consortium wants to speed up the introduction of Carbios’ biorecycling technology and research how entire products can be recycled easier, ...

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    Nordic Swan Ecolabel increases focus on textiles


    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has announced new requirements for clothing and other textile products. The official and currently most important ”sustainability” label of all the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), which has so far been used more for other consumer goods such as soaps, detergents, etc., is ...

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    Nike starts Re-Creation program in L.A.


    Following Nike Grind (launched in 1992), Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling & Donation, Nike’s latest program to promote a circular future is Nike Re-Creation, which collects old and unwanted items locally and uses them to create new, locally designed and manufactured products. Nike Re-Creation initiates a new circular business model ...

  • Adidas Made To Be Remade Polo
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    Adidas launches first “Made to be Remade” golf product


    Adidas has launched a “Made to be Remade” polo shirt for golf. The polo is meant to be worn, worn out and then returned to Adidas, where it is shredded. Golfers can play it for as long as they want and then return it so the materials can be reused ...

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    Greenpeace: Exports of old clothes are used to dispose of plastic textile waste


    On Earth Day and as part of Fashion Revolution Week, Greenpeace Germany published the results of on-site research revealing the devastating consequences of used clothing exports for the people and the environment in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. The overproduction of the fast fashion industry is ...

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    Timberland expands Timberloop recycling program to Europe


    Around this year’s Earth Day, Timberland announced several initiatives within its CSR program, the most interesting being the expansion of the Timberloop take-back program into the U.K., Germany, France and Italy, with more European markets to follow. The recycling program allows consumers to return their worn Timberland footwear, apparel or ...

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    Decathlon has donated 36K items of unsold merchandise


    Decathlon says that the deal it struck in April of last year with Comerso, a digital and logistical anti-waste platform for companies, has resulted in the donation of some 36,000 items of unsold merchandise to various associations. Among these are the French Red Cross and the Recyclerie Sportive, a network ...

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    Rossignol launches first recyclable ski


    Rossignol has unveiled its new Essential ski, which will be available in limited quantities in FW22-23 and has been designed using the most simplistic and least amount of raw materials, making more than 75 percent of the ski 100 percent recyclable. Following the announcement of its Respect program in 2020, ...