Clemens Tinzl will become the new chief executive at Kästle, the Austrian ski company, in mid-September. He succeeds Bernd Knünz, who joined Kästle as CEO four years ago and is now leaving, citing personal reasons. Knünz started to work for Kästle in Salzburg before the company moved back to its former headquarters in Hohenems. Tinzl joined Kästle two years ago as chief financial officer. The 37-year-old previously worked in various positions at Deloitte. He also served as controlling manager at the Zumtobel group, an international lighting company. At Kästle, Tinzl will be working together with Vladimir Dusanek, CEO of Sporten. Both Kästle and Sporten belong to ConsilSport, the Czech company that acquired a majority stake in the Austrian ski company in March.