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    Johnson Outdoors’ Diving segment got the hardest hit


    Strong Fishing, Watercraft Recreation and Camping sales after the corona-related lockdowns in May and June were not enough to counter the effect of store closures in April. However, the management said that demand has now picked up and the challenge is keeping pace with it, with a focus on ending ...

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    Analysis: The market for sports equipment grew by 3.5% last year


    By the estimate of Sporting Goods Intelligence , the global market for sports equipment grew by 3.5 percent, from $80,599 million to $83,459 million, over the course of last year. The 4.0 percent gain of 2018 had been slightly higher, after two years of nearly flat results.

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    Store closures weigh on Johnson Outdoors’ sales and profits


    Johnson Outdoors ’ earnings for its second fiscal quarter, ended on March 27, declined by 7 percent from the year-ago period to $20.4 million. Total revenues were down by 8 percent to $163.1 million, but the gross margin improved by 1.6 percentage points to 46.1 percent, thanks to stronger pricing ...