According to CMDsport, Deportes Cronos will be opening its first Portuguese store under its own name on April 24. Located in the capital city of Lisbon, and measuring some 100 square meters, the store is to be the first of seven in the country. The Spanish buying group for independent sports retailers has set no opening dates for its successors, as it is waiting to see how “the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant restrictions” play out, but the idea is to get them operational before the year is out. Meanwhile, another Deportes Cronos store is set to open in Murcia on April 28, raising the Spanish tally to a total of 226 affiliated stores. A source within the group has told CMDsport that “at present 80 percent of the stores have adopted” the group’s corporate banner and logo. The most recent conversions are Deportes Cronos Daimiel (Ciudad Real) and Deportes Cronos As Pontes (A Coruña). Five Spanish stores are operating under the group’s more lifestyle-oriented Essential Street banner.