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    Consumers are ready to spend more, despite the lockdowns


    German consumers are known to be keen on saving money when there is an economic crisis. Faced with what they call the “Corona crisis,” they have saved an estimated €230 billion since March 2020, when the crisis began, but they are said to be eager to spend more again once ...

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    Exercise boosts Covid survival, study finds


    According to a study conducted by cardiologists at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in the Spanish capital of Madrid, patients who exercise regularly are eight times more likely to survive Covid-19 than sedentary patients. Published in the American medical journal Infectious Diseases and Therapy , the study examined 520 ...

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    Sporting goods industry stocks rose by 10.9% in Q1 2021


    Confirming the resilience of our industry, the average stock market value of 38 selected public companies in the sporting goods sector advanced by 10.9 percent in the first three months of 2021. Comparatively, the main stock indices grew by only between 2.4 percent and 8.5 percent over the period.

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    Europe’s sports sponsorship market falls by 9%


    The total value of Europe’s sponsorship market dropped by 23 percent across all industries last year, marking the first time it has declined in almost a decade, a new report from the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) in cooperation with Nielsen Sports has revealed. The drop was a consequence ...

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    Big gains in Italy’s bike consumption and production


    A total of 2.01 million bicycles were sold in Italy in 2020, or 17 percent more than in the previous year, according to data provided by the Italian bike industry association, ANCMA . The coronavirus pandemic contributed to the strong increase, driving the demand for socially-distanced and sustainable urban mobility ...

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    French ski industry in critical state


    The French sporting goods industry association, Union Sport Cycle (USC), plans to ask the French government for a specific aid package for the country’s ski sector, whose total losses for the current season are estimated at about €1 billion - without including those of the skilift and ...

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    Strong start of the year in Norway and Finland


    According to Virken , the general retail trade increased by 9.2 percent in Norway in January, as compared to the same month a year ago, despite the closure of some shops and malls for one week, rising by 54.3 percent online and by 6.4 percent offline. The sporting goods sector ...

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    Galvin Green reports surge in interest from young golfers


    Galvin Green , the Swedish brand specializing in the design and supply of high-performance clothing for golfers, says it has experienced a rising interest from younger golfers among its customers over the past year. According to data reported in Golfbusinessnews , the number of younger golfers aged 18-25 buying Galvin ...

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    Athlete social advocacy grows as a key marketing trend, Nielsen report suggests


    A recent report by Nielsen , titled The Changing Value of Sponsorship : 2021 Sports Marketing Trends , suggests that the sponsor media value generated by athlete advocacy posts on social media could reach $1.2 billion by 2023. According to the study, 95 percent of the athletes who have more ...

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    Lululemon establishes a Global Wellbeing Index


    Lululemon has released its first Global Wellbeing Report , a survey that benchmarks the state of wellbeing worldwide with an inaugural Global Wellbeing Index . Lululemon commissioned an online survey managed by Edelman Data Intelligence . The survey was conducted between Nov. 13 and Dec. 1, 2020 ...

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    Sports retailers scored better than other specialty retailers in France


    Going through two Covid-related lockdowns, French specialty retailers saw their sales decline on average by 18 percent in 2020, although their online turnover jumped by 80 percent for the year, including a growth of 85 percent in December, according to their trade association, Procos . Shoe retailers suffered the biggest ...

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    Sporting goods industry stocks surged by 32% in Covid year


    This exclusive chart shows the development in the market capitalization of the top 86 stock-listed sporting goods companies between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. This is exclusive data and analysis for Professional Members.

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    Sports & outdoor retail rose by 7.2% in the U.K. in 2020


    Sports and outdoor retailers survived the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.K. last year. Spending on their products rose by 7.2 percent, according to Barclaycard , which noted in particular the boom in home fitness while gyms were closed. Home improvement items and furniture scored similar increases. In contrast, general clothing ...

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    Marker Dalbello Völkl outperformed the market


    While the global ski market fell by an estimated 25 percent to around 3.5 million pairs in terms of deliveries to the trade, according to industry insiders, Marker Dalbello Völkl celebrated the best year in the company’s history in 2019, according to its chief executive, Christoph Bronder . With ...

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    European bike sales to jump by 47% by 2030


    A new forecast from CIE (Cycling Industries Europe) , Conebi (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry) and ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) , three industry groups based in Brussels, has predicted that Europeans will buy an extra 10 million bicycles per year by 2030. This would represent an increase of ...

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    Fesi publishes a Covid survey ahead of a conference in Brussels


    The European Commission was scheduled to organize a major conference on Nov. 17 about the recovery of the sports sector after the coronavirus crisis. The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (Fesi) said it hopes that its recommendations have been taken into account. It considers that sport and ...

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    Online retail for sporting goods grows above average in Switzerland


    The latest edition of the Distance Selling Monitor for Switzerland - a monthly survey of 113 online retailers in Switzerland carried out by GfK in cooperation with the Swiss Post Office and the Swiss Retail Association - reports continued high online sales for the third quarter of ...

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    Brands and values in Italy's Serie A technical sponsorship deals


    The technical sponsorship market in Serie A , the top tier of the Italian football league, is worth a combined €118.6 million, according to an assessment by . The figure, which does not include commercial sponsorships, was calculated based on the deals between the different Serie A clubs ...

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    Adidas tops ranking of culturally relevant brands in sport


    The Fan Intelligence Index , a new global study intended to identify the 40 culturally most relevant brands through sport, has placed Adidas at the top of the ranking, which is ”based around a brand’s ability to influence culture through sport.” The Big a was followed by the Jordan ...

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    Physical activity helps prevent coronavirus-related hospitalization, new study suggests


    Exercise has long been known to boost the immune system. A new study focusing specifically on Covid-19 has now found that maximal aerobic and cardiac capacity helps prevent hospitalization in Covid-19 cases. The study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings on Oct. 10, is entitled “Maximal Exercise Capacity is Inversely ...