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    Moscow represents one-third of Russia’s sporting goods exports, driven by outdoor


    In 2020, Moscow exported sporting goods for $17.06 million, accounting for nearly a third of Russia’s overall exports of such products, said Vladimir Efimov , deputy mayor of Moscow, in a recent press conference. Outdoor products represented 33.5 percent of the total export turnover, he said, while adding that deliveries ...

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    A 13% rise in bike sales limits the Austrian sports market’s drop to 1%


    Pointing to the strongly diverging business development for Austrian retailers (depending on location and product range focus), the national Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Suppliers ( VSSÖ ) provided a first summary for the full year 2020 and the winter season Q4, 2020, and Q1, 2021. According ...

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    European gyms felt the pinch in 2020, but EuropeActive is optimistic


    European fitness clubs were forced to shut down during multiple lockdown periods in 2020, in some cases for between 40 and 50 percent of the operational days, and this caused a major dip in attendance after decades of continuous growth. According to a new report by EuropeActive , compiled as ...

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    Anta joins the list of the most valuable apparel brands


    Anta and Asos joined the list of the world’s ten most “valuable” apparel brands outside the luxury goods sector in the 2021 edition of Kantar ’s annual BrandZ report, based on financial performance as well as market data and consumer surveys. As a whole, the category gained ...

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    Nike is the most resold fashion brand


    Nike is “by far” the most resold fashion brand in the world, according to a survey of 60 (fashion, casual and sports) brands and fast-fashion banners carried out from June 4 to 7 by a British comparison website, SaveOnEnergy . It found that the Nike brand had a “staggering” ...

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    Kenyans are the most frequent runners


    A survey of 8,414 current runners conducted between March and April by Nielsen Sports for World Athletics in ten different countries shows the highest level of participation in Kenya, with 47 percent of them running at least once a month and 12 percent less often. In terms of ...

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    A 2.8% CAGR forecast for tennis shoes by 2028


    The market for tennis shoes was worth $2.19 billion in 2020, and is forecast to reach $2.60 billion by 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8 percent from 2021 to 2028, according to a new report by Allied Market Research (AMR) . By playing surface, the hard-court ...

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    Covid has created many new young and female runners


    Running has been one of the sports that have benefited the most from the Covid-19 pandemic, along with golf, cycling, home fitness, surfing, hiking and a variety of other outdoor sports. According to a global survey of 3,961 current runners, 28.76 of them started to run during the pandemic, ...

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    FESI report indicates a recovery in the sports goods sector


    A new survey conduct in April by the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) indicates that most sporting goods companies are now “on their way to recovery;” despite the difficulties they have been going through over the last 12 months. The picture is, however, quite diversified. The ...

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    Golf participation explodes in the U.K. and Ireland


    Two new participation reports produced by Sports Marketing Surveys ( SMS ) – “2020 Great Britain Golf Participation Report” and “2020 Ireland Golf Participation Report” – have shown an increase in participation by a combined 2.3 million on-course adult golfers in Great Britain and Ireland last year. The reports ...

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    Funwheels replace bikes in Russia


    So far in 2021, Russia has experienced a slump in bicycle sales as compared to the last year, due to a high base of comparison and the booming popularity of scooters, according to research conducted by the Yandex.Market trading platform. Russian consumers have also started to buy fewer skateboards ...

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    Spanish bike sales hit the 1.5m milestone


    In 2020, Spain surpassed for the first time in history the milestone of 1.5 million bicycles sold in a single year. According to figures by Ambe , the Spanish bike industry association, released in collaboration with Cofidis , bicycle sales jumped by 24.10 percent to 1,565,233 units last year. The ...

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    GfK sees slow possible recovery of consumption in Germany


    In its monthly study in Germany this May, GfK market researchers found consumer sentiment that has been “rather bright than muted,” because of falling illness rates and success in Covid-19 vaccinations. With more employees coming out of short-time or remote work and incremental re-openings of stores and restaurants, ...

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    Wildberries: Extended work holiday boosts the market in Russia


    Sales of sporting goods on Wildberries ’ website jumped by 111 percent as compared to the year-ago period after Russia President Vladimir Putin backed a proposal by the head of Russia’s health watchdog to introduce a 10-day no-work holiday from May 1 to 11 to help prevent a surge ...

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    Stores remain closed in Germany, will reopen in France


    Sporting goods stores and other so-called “non-essential” physical retail operations are re-opening in all the major European countries except in Germany. They are set to open again in France on May 19. They have been rising sharply in England and Wales since they were allowed to open again on April ...

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    Sports Direct voted “worst” sports shop in Britain by customers


    Sports Direct has been ranked as the U.K.’s worst sports shop, according to a survey conducted by a consumer specialist agency, Which? The poll asked 10,909 members of Which? and the general public in November about their most recent experiences of purchasing outdoor and sporting equipment at 29 ...

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    Norway’s sports chains grew by 25% in Q1


    The Norwegian sporting goods market as already gone up by 7 percent, as previously reported . Cold weather, abundant snow and restrictions on foreign travel helped the major Norwegian sporting goods retail chains to book a sales increase of almost 25 percent to 3.3 billion Norwegian kroner (€1.3bn-$1.6bn) in the ...

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    Maersk sees tight maritime freight conditions until Q4


    The world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk, expects tight market conditions in maritime transport to continue until the fourth quarter of 2021. Container shipments by boat are estimated to represent more than 80 percent of intercontinental trade. Maersk pointed out that global demand for container shipments is now expected ...

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    The Swiss sports market was stable in 2020, and it continued to grow online more recently


    According to GfK , the Swiss sporting goods market ended up being flat in 2020, in spite of Covid-19, thanks to a sales rally in the last two months of the year. There was, however, a significant gap between the different sectors: the overall winners in 2020 were fitness, outdoor, ...

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    German golf grows during the pandemic


    The number of licensed golfers in Germany rose by 1.36 percent to 651,417 in 2020, the highest increase in a year since 2012, according to a new report by a golf economy expert, Falk Billion , titled Golfmarkt Deutschland 2021 . The report, which can be downloaded free of charge, ...