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    Wildberries and Amazon enter new countries in Europe


    Russia’s biggest online retailer, Wildberries , has started to operate in France, Italy and Spain, with dedicated sites and mobile apps tailored to the local markets, the company has said in a statement. It has been operating in Germany since January. The company currently offers about four million items ...

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    Wildberries enters the German market


    Wildberries , Russia’s biggest online retailer, has just rolled out its online store in Germany ( Germany brings the number of markets in which the company operates up to ten. Wildberries began its expansion in Europe in 2020, starting with an online store in Poland. Most recently, it also entered ...

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    Wildberries has begun to sell sporting goods in Israel


    Russia’s biggest online retailer, Wildberries , has stepped up its international expansion by entering the Israeli market, the company said in a statement. The company will be offering buyers in Israel up to 5 million items from 39,000 brands, including sports products, clothing, toys and household appliances. Purchased items are ...

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    Wildberries moves into Poland


    Incidentally, Wildberries , the largest online retailer in Russia for all kinds of products, has just created a subsidiary in Poland, launching a dedicated web store and opening a first pick-up point for click-and-collect orders, which should be followed by about 100 more in due time.