Arena is providing gear to Ben Hooper for his attempt to become the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. The 38-year-old Briton from Gloucestershire, who is a former policeman, began his world-record swim in Dakar on Nov. 13. According to his calculations, he will reach Natal in Brazil in March, after swimming a total distance of more than 3,000 kilometers. Hooper has been preparing for more than three years for the journey, where he plans to swim for up to 10 hours a day across the Atlantic, split into two sessions. He will be sleeping on a support boat each night. The rules for the world record stipulate that he must wear his swimming shorts, as opposed to a wetsuit, unless severe weather conditions or safety reasons require otherwise. He is also allowed to wear a shark-repellent device, which has been supplied by New Jersey-based SharkDefense.