At least three companies are reportedly holding talks about their possible takeover of Scapino, the large Dutch shoe retailer that was declared bankrupt last Friday. While Scapino stores remain open, a spokesman for the receivers confirmed that they were holding talks with interested parties to obtain a rapid relaunch for the company. Employing about 2,000 people, Scapino runs 190 stores around the Netherlands, selling regular and sports shoes. The company was acquired in 2006 by the Macintosh Retail Group but operates separately from Assen. Scapino's bankruptcy comes amid wider insolvency proceedings around Macintosh, which is the leading shoe retailer in the Benelux countries with Scapino in the Netherlands, Brantano in Belgium and several other retail interests. One potential buyer is reportedly Bencis Capital, an investment firm that is already a shareholder of the Unlimited Sports Group (USG), the owner of Perry Sport and Aktiesport, among other interests in sports retailing and wholesaling in the Benelux countries and beyond. As previously reported, USG and Scapino sealed a partnership a few years ago, whereby Aktiesport runs sports and outdoor areas in Scapino stores. More in Shoe Intelligence.