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    Lidl helps Northern Ireland schools buy sports kits


    Lidl has awarded 40 secondary schools in Northern Ireland - one for every Lidl store in the region - £3,000 (€3,500-$4,193) worth of vouchers each to purchase new sports equipment. The donation, which represents an overall investment of £120,000 (€139,000-$167,757), is part of the Lidl Community Works Sport ...

  • Nike - Lidl - sweatshirt

    The latest on Nike’s presence on Lidl’s marketplaces


    Some Nike products are being offered on the German and Spanish marketplaces of LIdl , one of the largest low-cost grocery retailers in Europe, raising some eyebrows. However, Nike released the following statement in reaction to a a report in the Spanish pres: ”Lidl is not a partner in ...

  • Nike - Lidl - sweatshirt
    News briefs

    Nike products are sold on Lidl’s marketplaces in Germany and Spain


    Nike has released the following statement in reaction to an article published on our website on Feb. 15: ”Lidl is not a partner in Nike’s marketplace strategy and we are not selling product to their business.” A spokeman for Nike would not say, however, whether it is in litigation ...