According to the company's two most recent annual reports, Nike added 40 stores worldwide between the end of its financial year in May 2017 and the end of the subsequent fiscal year in May 2018, for an increase of 3.5 percent. The total store count stood at 1,182 by May 31, 2018. Aside from three new American factory stores, all of this brick-and-mortar growth occurred outside of the U.S., with 22 new factory stores and 16 new Converse stores opened abroad. The company also closed six Nike brand in-line stores outside of the U.S.

The expansion of Nike's direct-to-consumer offense in the physical retail space has apparently continued. In a special report on the company, however, CMDSport arrived at a somewhat higher worldwide store total at the beginning of last December. Nike having declined to comment, the Spanish trade paper proceeded to count the stores manually with the store locator on the company's website. According to CMDSport, then, Nike operated 1,264 brick-and-mortar stores around the world in December, 45 percent of which were Nike factory outlets selling overstock and discontinued models.

Europe has the largest number of full-price Nike stores, with a total of 345 points of sale, followed by the U.S. with 252 units, Asia with 153 doors and South America with 132. Canada comes next with 27 stores. The entire continent of Africa has 21 stores, and New Zealand has eight.

Most of the outlet stores are located in the U.S. In Europe, where the 235 outlet stores represent 41 percent of all the Nike stores in the region, they are most common in the U.K., France and Spain.

All offline Nike stores in Ireland and Finland are Nike factory outlets. Other countries with a high percentage of outlets include the U.K. (84 percent), Switzerland (80 percent), Germany (78 percent) and Spain (70 percent). In absolute numbers, the top European countries are the U.K. (36), France (34), Spain (25), Italy (24) and Germany (22).

Nike's own geographic segmentation includes within Europe the borderline countries of Turkey and Russia, which boast 97 and 68 offline Nike stores of any kind, respectively. France comes in third place by this measure, with 52 stores.

By Nike's definition, which includes Turkey and Russia, Europe has a population of 794 million people. With 580 offline stores in 33 countries, then, Nike is operating a store for every 1.36 million Europeans. This ratio does not hold for individual countries, of course. For instance, the company is operating one store for every 319,538 Croatians, for every 347,419 Greeks and for every 658,000 Estonians. 

In terms of revenues from the company's offline retail operations, full-price stores generate most of the turnover except in the U.S. and Mexico, where factory outlets contribute 81 and 92 percent of sales, respectively. Things are on a more even keel in Canada, where Nike factory stores account for 56 percent of offline retail sales.

The sale of seasonal products predominates in Australia and New Zealand, reaching 88 percent of retail sales. In Asia, the figure drops slightly to 82 percent.