Peak Performance, the Swedish ski, outdoor and golf apparel brand, has launched a special website featuring 14 virtual pop-up “Magic Hour Shops” in 11 countries, where consumers are invited to click on their mobile devices to obtain some of its products for free - at certain conditions. They have to be among the first to show up with a mobile phone or tablet at a specific physical location at an appointed hour, around sunset or sunrise. The consumers have to choose the product they want and take a picture of themselves with the location in the background to prove that they are at the right place – for example at the Lac Blanc above Argentière in France, the Brunnihütte in Switzerland or the Black Mountain Golf Club in Thailand. There are two to four items in each of the virtual shops that they can get for free, and some of them may already have been taken by the time they get there. The website will then tell them then that the store at their location is sold out.