HeiQ has announced the launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, a new technology that is part of its HeiQ Viroblock platform. HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is being used exclusively on Nylstar’s Meryl Skinlife Force, a new premium sustainable nylon fabric. While the current HeiQ Viroblock offering is obtained by chemical treatment to finished fabric, the new HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is embedded inside the fiber. As a result, the antiviral effect is said to last for at least 100 washes instead of the current 30, paving the way for use in environments with high hygienic and sanitary requirements. The new Meryl Skinlife Force powered by HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, which is also 100 percent recyclable, is being jointly promoted by HeiQ and Nylstar. The two companies have been collaborating for a decade. Nylstar’s Meryl Sublime, a hi-tech recyclable fabric made with Sublime yarn and produced with a sustainable waterless dyeing technology, was recently announced among the recipients of the ISPO Textrends Awards for the autumn/winter 2022/23 season. Meryl Sublime, which contains the Skinlife Force antiviral technology, won as Best Product in the Base Layer category. Both Nylstar and HeiQ will be “exhibiting” (virtually) at ISPO Munich Online on Feb. 1-5.