Base Detall Sport, one of the major Spanish buying groups in the sporting goods sectors, is asking that all of the 298 stores run by its 82 retail members should carry one of its banners – Base, Base Selection or Wanna Sneakers – by the end of 2021 or early in 2022. They should also follow some common guidelines in the interior design.

The group’s president, Francisco Torrejón, said that this is part of a plan to become “totally vertical,” using also common software to connect with the head office and to have a presence online as well as offline.

Out of all the affiliated stores, 98 have none of the three banners. The Wanna Sneakers banner, which stands for sports lifestyle footwear, has been adopted by 22 stores. The other two banners are used by 178 stores. The Base logo, written in small letters, is generally followed by the words (in English): Top Sport Shops.

Meanwhile, the 20 retail members of Giro180, a much smaller buying group operating for the most part in northern Spain, have agreed to adopt a new common logo, DEQUIP, for their 35 stores. They already use the same ERP system.

Created in 2008, Giro 180 negotiates discounts for its retail members with various brands. To help improve their buying power, Giro 180 and five other relatively small Spanish buying groups struck a strategic alliance at the end of 2018, creating an umbrella organization called G5. The other partners are Coas Sport Trade, Deportes Cronos, Quorum Sport and Tiendas Deportivas de Canarias. They will hold a common online sales meeting from Jan. 27-31 to discuss orders for the autumn/winter 2021/22 season.