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    Shimano’s earnings rise by 10%


    Shimano ’s sales for the first nine months of the year were down by 2.0 percent from the year-ago period to 264,174 million yen (€2.16bn-$2.53bn), hampered by lockdowns around the world in response to Covid-19. However, sales started to improve during the second quarter due to the soaring popularity of ...

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    Shimano adjusts the distribution in Belgium and the Nordics


    Shimano Belgium and Lazer Sport will relocate to a new office in Mechelen, Belgium as of July 1, 2021. Shimano Belgium is a subsidiary of Shimano Benelux while Lazer designs bicycle helmets in Belgium and markets these products globally. While sharing the new facilities, Shimano Belgium and ...

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    ​Carl Sterner sets up Shimano’s new fishing organization for the Nordics


    Shimano has appointed Carl Sterner to build and lead a new sales organization for its fishing tackle products in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. It will be based in Uppsala, Sweden. Sterner was previously responsible for the hunting and wilderness segment in Sweden at XXL , the big Nordic ...

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    Analysis: The market for sports equipment grew by 3.5% last year


    By the estimate of Sporting Goods Intelligence , the global market for sports equipment grew by 3.5 percent, from $80,599 million to $83,459 million, over the course of last year. The 4.0 percent gain of 2018 had been slightly higher, after two years of nearly flat results.

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    Shimano’s chairman emeritus has died


    Yoshizo Shimano , chairman emeritus and former president of his family’s eponymous company, died of chronic heart failure on July 2. He was 85. He was the third son of Shimano’s founder, Shozaburo Shimano , and joined what was then called Shimano Industrial in 1958. Yoshizo Shimano will doubtless ...

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    Shimano to handle its own distribution in Spain, Portugal


    Shimano will be overhauling its business in Spain and Portugal on Jan.1 by establishing a subsidiary in the city of Alcobendas, in the autonomous community of Madrid. Shimano Iberia will in turn be establishing a business network of its own for the distribution, commercialization and sale of cycling ...

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    The corona crisis boosts Shimano’s stock market value


    The stock market capitalization of Shimano hit a record high at 1,897 billion yen (€15.8bn-$17.6bn) on May 19 before decreasing slightly to ¥1,836 billion at the end the month. The share value rose by about 27 percent between May 1 and 31. According to financial analysts, the rise in ...

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    While sales tumble, Shimano’s profits soar


    Shimano said its sales for the first quarter were down by 12.3 percent from the year-ago period to ¥76,920 million (€662.5m-$721.1m), hampered by lockdowns around the world in response to Covid-19. However, the company’s net earnings jumped by 95.6 percent to ¥19,663 million (€169.4m-$184.3m), mainly due to strong foreign exchange ...